Rob God?

Rob God?


Giving is a touchy subject for some Christians. Your money tends to be a very personal subject, and there has been so much false teaching and Intimidation in this area. God told the nation of Israel that they had robbed him in tithes and offerings. We just want to make sure that we are not going to be caught in the same condition.

The Tithe

[Lev.27:30] It is the Lord’s. It is not considered giving because it already belongs to God. I you don’t tithe, God calls it stealing!

[Gen.14:20] Abram gave the tithe before there was any law

[Deu.26:2] It is of the first fruits

[Prov. 3:9-10] first fruits of all thine increase

[Acts 2:44-45] The New Testament Church method [Acts 4:34-35] [2 Cor. 8:1-4] Another example of NT giving

Your tithe should be the first check you write each payday

The Offering

[1 Cor.6:19-20] God wants your Life [Rom.12:1]

Offerings are anything above the tithe, money, service, time

[2Cor.8:8] proof of the sincerity of your love, and that God is your priority

[2Cor.8:6-7, 9:8] Develops an attitude of Grace

[Phil.4:7] [Matt.6:19-21] An investment in eternal treasure

Offerings should be a budget item of yours, not your leftovers

Sacrificial Giving

When you sacrifice, give up something, or do without to give to God, your money, time or service.

[Mk.12:41-44] A Great example of sacrificial giving

[2Cor.8:12] God does not expect you to give something that you don’t have!

Sacrificial giving really pleases God