Godly Fear and Reverence Heb.12:28-29

What is a Godly Fear and reverence? Are we to be afraid of God? No, we are to fear Him and there is a difference. I was never afraid of my dad, but I did fear him. I feared him because of his position and his power. We are to fear God in the same matter.

Fear and Reverence are two different things     [Ps.89:7]

Reverence– profound respect – speaks of His Position

  • [Mat.21:33-41] parable (Adults/minors, Employers/employees, Elders/youths)
  • [Eph.5:33] wife to reverence her husband – positional, foundation in love
  • Reverence is proof of your love, [Heb.12:9] a chastening father
  • [Ps.95:6] Adoration

Fear – is the passion of our nature which excites us to provide for our security – speaks of His Power

  1. We are commanded to Fear God [1 Pet.2:17]
    1. [Rev.14:7] The everlasting Gospel
    2. [Deu.6:24] commanded for our good always
  2. It is a consequence of being in his presence [Heb.10:31]
    1. Men: [Josh.5:13-15] Joshua upon knowing that it was the lord [Luke 5:12-13] Man full of Leprosy
    2. Unclean spirits: [Mk.3:11] they knew he was the son of God
    3. At hearing His voice: [Matt.17:1-8] the disciples
    4. Heavenly Elders: [Rev.4:10, 5:8, 14] they hit the ground often
    5. By Mistake: [Rev.19:10, 22:8-9]   John
  3. It demonstrates your commitment  It Shows!
    1. [Gen.20:1-11] Abe could see that there was no fear of God in that place
    2. [Col.3:22] “Singleness of heart” – speaks of commitment
    3. [Eph.5:21] submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God
    4. [2Cor.7:1] commitment to cleanse and perfect holiness in the fear of God