Reproof II Tim. 4:2


To reprove is to speak in disapproval of; to rebuke, meaning to scold in a sharp way; to reprimand; or to convict.  Reproof is essential in life.

The purpose of reproof is to:

  • get you to turn – Prov 1:23 – to stop you in your present course and to turn you onto a new course
  • instruct you – Prov 6:23 – to show you how to walk along your new course
  • give you understanding – Prov 15:32 – so that you don’t need someone to reprove every step

The best reprover is the Spirit of God – Jn 16:8 – he came to this world to reprove the world

The best reproof comes from:

  • the word of God – 2 Tim 3:16 – it is best to read it and to change accordingly
  • the preaching of the words of God – 2 Tim 4:2 – a preacher’s greatest desire is to be a wise reprover upon an obedient ear – Prov 25:12 – listen for God to speak to you in each sermon

The harshest reproof comes from your own wickedness and backsliding – Jer 2:19 – that is when you are reaping what you have sown – and you always reap in far greater quantity than you sowed

Those who regard reproof:

  • are honored – Prov 13:18 – it is an honor to follow instruction and correction
  • are prudent – Prov 15:5 – it is wise to listen for the correction of the words of God and the Holy Spirit
  • abide among the wise – Prov 15:31 – therefore, you abide among others who listened and learned

Those who despise, refuse and hate reproof:

  • are destroyed – Prov 1:30, 5:12 – rebuke is for your good – rejecting a reprimand can kill you
  • err – Prov 10:17 – you cannot help but make mistakes without instruction and correction
  • are brutish and die – Prov 12:1, 15:10 – like dumb animals

Those who scorn reproof will hate you – Prov 9:8 – if you have the misfortune to reprove a scorner you will find him to be one of your worst enemies