Remember thy Creator

Ecclesiastes 12:1

Creation is a foundational building block of a soul’s relationship with God.  In the next few lessons we will take the instruction to Remember thy Creator in the days of thy youth seriously.  We will learn some things about God’s creation that will help us remember and also help us train our children to remember.

In Job 38-39 God dealt with Job on the basis of creation just like God deals with any Gentile who does not have all the physical imagery and types given to the Jews.  Of course the biggest lie set before children to erase the idea of their Creator is the false doctrine of evolution.  This is a very old belief according to Jeremiah 2:26-28 and represents the basest mind after rejecting all light given to it by God according to Romans 1:19-32.

God put the beginning in the beginning of His book because it is rudimentary to what follows in the words of God.  The world teaches as doctrine the absence of any Creator, so parents must be careful to reinforce in their children the truth that they are created beings and the Creator desires very much to fellowship with them.  Secondly, that they are accountable to their Creator.  Thirdly, because God is the Creator there is much you can learn in the earth about God’s attributes.

This time in youth is when the world and the devil want to destroy the idea of the Creator.  Purveyors of this false doctrine will be judged very harshly according to Matthew 18:6-7.  Let’s look at some helpful ways to Remember thy Creator.

Relate God’s attributes to His creation.  Here are a few.

  • Luke 12:24-28 God’s provision
  • Psalm 19 God’s sovereignty
  • Malachi 3:3 God’s holiness like fire

Relate physical things as a shadow of spiritual things (Hebrews 8:5, 10:1, Colossians 2:17)

  • Proverbs 26:11 dogs and fools
  • Proverbs 11:22 pig and women
  • Matthew 7:15 wolves and false prophets
  • 1 Peter 5:8 lion like the devil (looking for prey like in Job)

Reasons people don’t want to Remember their Creator

  • Isaiah 40:18-28 – People don’t want to be accountable to God
  • Isaiah 43:14 – People don’t want to be told what to do by God
  • Atheism – Psalm 14:1 – atheism is a heart problem, not head problem.
  • Evidence is not the issue.  Hebrews 11:3 – We understand by faith.  1 Timothy 6:20, true science points to God, false science is something like evolution to which there is no evidence, but it is called science anyway by the world because the world does not like the alternative of a Creator and creation.