Relations With Jerusalem, Ezek 16:1-63

God’s Relations with Jerusalem

Ezek 16:1-63 details some of the particulars of God’s relations with Jerusalem from their beginning through the Tribulation.

The Birth of Jerusalem – Ezek 16:3-5

Jerusalem was a city of the Jebusites, Jos 15:8, 15:63.  The Jebusites were Canaanites, Gen 10:15-16.  The Lord said, “Thy father was an Amorite, and thy mother an Hittite”.  So they built the city before God called Abram.  God gave their land to Abram in Gen 15:18-21.  In this passage notice Hittites, Amorites, and Jebusites, together.  Also, notice that there were no Palestinians there, as Dr Ruckman pointed out.

God’s Love Toward Jerusalem – Ezek 16:6-14

When Jerusalem was built, it was like a baby abandoned at birth.  God saw her and caused her to live and multiply, 6-7.  Thus began God’s relations with Jerusalem. And as Jerusalem grew up, like a child grows into adulthood, she was beautiful.  God loved her and took her to him as a bride, 8.  Compare the Lamb’s bride in Rev 21:9-10.  And God decked her with ornaments, broidered work, garments,  and jewels.  This is how she looked during Solomon’s reign.  The other nations noticed her beauty in v.14.

Jerusalem’s Whoredoms Against God – Ezek 16:15-34

Yet, Jerusalem trusted her beauty and played the harlot, 15.  She took her garments and decked the high places of idolatry, 16.  Also, she took the silver and gold and made idols, 17, and covered them with broidered garments, 18.  And she set oil and incense before them.  She offered meat and fine flour to them, 19.  And worst of all, she sacrificed her sons and daughters to them, 20-21.  She forgot the days of her youth, 22.  Moreover, she made high places in every street, 23-25.  And she committed fornication with the Egyptians, 26-27 (2 Ki 18:21), the Assyrians, 28 (2 Ki 16:8), and the Chaldeans, 29 (Ezek 23:4, 11-21).  She was an imperious whorish woman, 30.  Imperious is arrogant, domineering.  Furthermore, she was contrary in that she didn’t ask for hire, but paid her lovers, 31-34.

God’s Judgments Upon Jerusalem – Ezek 16:35-43

Therefore, God gathers the nations against her, 35-38, and judges her.  They throw down her eminent places, 39, stone her with stones, 40, burn her houses with fire, 41.  And then God’s fury rests, 42-43.  You can see all of this damage in 2 Ki 25, when Nebuzaradan attacked.  These same things will happen, and even worse, in the Tribulation.

Jerusalem’s Likeness to Samaria and Sodom – Ezek 16:44-59

Her elder sister was Samaria and her younger sister Sodom, 44-46, Gen 10:19.  Jerusalem was corrupted more than they, 47-48.  Sodom’s sins were pride, fulness of bread, abundance of idleness, and neglect of the poor and needy, 49.  They were haughty and committed abomination, 50.  Sadly, in the USA, we’re doing the same thing and it’s probable that we will face judgment.  As it turns out, Jerusalem was twice as bad as Samaria and Sodom, 51-52.  Nevertheless, Jerusalem’s captivity will return when theirs does, 53-59.

God’s Everlasting Covenant with Jerusalem – Ezek 16:60-63

Despite these terrible sins, God remembers his covenant with Jerusalem in her youth and establishes an everlasting covenant with her.  She remembers her ways but she never opens her mouth about the past again.  Jerusalem gets straightened out through God’s judgment in the Tribulation. And God’s relations with Jerusalem blossom into an everlasting marriage.


The best way to prepare for the possible judgment of God against us is to get saved, draw close to the Lord in righteousness, and trust him fully.  You should also tell others to do the same so that they are prepared, as well.