Redeeming the Time

Redeeming the Time



How are you redeeming the time? God gave you 168 hours last week, how did you do? Did you use the time God gave you wisely? This verse says “walk in wisdom toward them that are without…”. You spent most of those hours not in church, not in prayer, and not in Bible reading. If you are like most people you spent a third of them sleeping, not to mention eating, grooming (looking at yourself in the mirror), or staring at your TV or smartphone. Today we are just going to look at your Christianity on the job, about 25% of those hours.

[1 Pet.3:15] There ought to be enough evidence of you Christianity that people see the “hope that is in you”. See, your service to God is to be a 24/7 ministry, not just when you are at church.

It stands to reason that you have to most influence on the people that you spend the most time with. We are consistently attempting to get you to pass out tracts and witness to people that you run into every day. But, by far the greatest influence that you have with to the lost is at your job.

You have heard that “your life may be the only true witness of the Lord Jesus Christ that they ever see”.

[Matt.5:14-16] We are to be light in this dark world. The darker the world the brighter your light should appear! Do the people at your job see you as a light or do you just blend in with everyone else? How are you redeeming the time?

[2 Cor.3:2] You are read by all men, what are they reading. [Prov. 20:11] even a child is known by his doings. How do people read you? Are you redeeming the time?


Ways to redeem the time at your job:

  1. Remember, you are really working for the Lord [Eph.6:5-8]
    1. Pleasing your boss is important, if you are sincere.
    2. Do you work just as hard when he is not there?
    3. You are working for the Lord; he sees it all!


  1. Behave yourself [Titus 2:9-10]
    1. Obey upon first command
    2. No back talk, or talking behind their back
    3. Purloining means to steal, point 3
    4. Fidelity is loyalty or faithfulness, how faithful are you?
    5. You are to adorn the doctrine of God, what an example to set.



  1. Don’t be a thief, [Lev.19:11], Earn your wage [Romans 12:11]
    1. Don’t seal your company’s time or property
    2. Earn every penny, give your employer value


  1. Be a company man [1 Cor.10:24] [Prov.18:9]
    1. You are there to help your employer and company succeed!
    2. Make decisions based on what is best for the company
    3. Don’t be a great waster!


  1. Don’t allow others bad example to pull you down [1 Thes.4:11] [2 Thes.3:10-13]
    1. Mind your own business, do your own work
    2. Don’t be a busybody, be busy about doing your work


  1. Don’t let promotion or favor go to your head [Mark 10:42-45]
    1. Some people cannot handle power, they abuse it
    2. If you have need to boss others around to prove you are in charge, you’re not.


  1. Always keep the heart of a servant of the Lord [1 Cor. 9:19-22, 10:33]
    1. Remember, your job is a means to work your ministry, Jesus died for every person at your company and he wants them saved more than you, work to keep that door open.
    2. It’s not all about you!

Have wisdom by redeeming your time at work for the lord!