Reality Check

Reality Check

Whether you acknowledge it or not, you live in reality. Your life is real, your job is real, your devil is real, and your God is real. To be able to deal with reality, you must first recognize it as such. Today most of what is presented to you and by you is “virtual” not reality.  It is a struggle to be the real person that you are, so you live to others as the person you wish to be or you would like them to think you are. Let us look at some ways we deceive ourselves and others.

[1Cor.15:9-10] Paul knew who he really was. He recognized reality. He acknowledged that he was a horrible sinner and not worthy of the mercies of God.

Do you deceive yourself?

  • [1Jn.1:8] we all have sin, you are included.
  • [James 1:22] If you don’t do something with all that you hear at church, etc. you are deceiving yourself, and not living in reality
  • [Gal.6:7] Reality: you will reap what you sow.
  • [1Cor.3:18] If you “seemeth” to be wise in this world, you are deceiving yourself.


[Eph.4:14] Men lie in wait to deceive you.

Do you allow men to deceive you?

  • [Eph.5:6-7] Invites the wrath of God
  • [2Tim.3:13] It will get worse
  • [Prov.24:28] Don’t you be part of the deception


[Phil.3:13] Paul kept “reaching forth unto those things which are before” You must recognize reality as such to be able to live in it. Your Bible is the source to check things out. Go there for a reality check.