Real Spirituality Gal 6:1-6

Galatians 6 :1-6 Real Spirituality CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

A man that is truly spiritual will do the following things:

  1. He is there to help a brother get back on his feet – the fault not necessarily sin but it knocks him out of fellowship, see Ps 19:12; v.13; Daniel, Dan 6:4 – no faults in him; Jesus, Lk 23:4 – no faults in him – you need to be Spiritual not carnal – I Cor 3:1 – if you don’t restore him, you leave yourself open to be tempted – II Cor 2:6-11
  2. He looks for ways to be a blessing to others (v. 2) – Rom 15:1 (the strong should bear the weak); Gal 5:13; Jn 13:34
  3. He doesn’t think he is anything special  (v. 3) – he’s humble, see I Cor 8:2; I Cor 10:12
  4. He is not interested in what anyone else thinks about what he is doing for God – II Tim 4:5; II Cor 10:12; Rom 14:10-12
  5. He carries his share of the load – II Thes 3:10 – he works; at church he is not just occupying pew space
  6. He gives to take care of God’s men – I Cor9:14; Phil 4:14-15

Now that is some real practical spirituality!