Ready for Action, Mk 14:38

Last week we saw the need for us to be ready to preach.  In order to do that we must be ready to listen, ready to answer, and then ready to preach.  Several of us had testimonies that affirmed the timeliness of that message.  We had opportunities to preach and the Lord had helped us be ready for those opportunities.  

Today, we’ll see that we also need to be ready for action.  People like action.  They want to be doing something.  We must be:

Ready to pray – Mk 14:38 – the Lord said to Peter, “watch ye and pray… the spirit truly is ready.”  I believe that we underestimate prayer.  Remember when Bro. Haveman preached on the proper estimation God’s word, God’s Son, and God’s children.  He encouraged to properly estimate those three.  We must also have a proper estimation of prayer.   We’ll prayer more earnestly and fervently when we believe all that can be done through prayer. 

When the time comes to pray, we can’t dilly-dally around.  In Jos 10:12-14 Joshua prayed to God and then he spoke to the sun and moon to stand still.  And the sun and moon stood still.  God hearkened unto his voice.  In Mk 11:23-24 notice that the person praying speaks to the mountain, but he prays to God.  Jesus spoke to the fig tree in Mk 11:14 and it withered away in Mk 11:20-21.  But notice that Jesus said, “have faith in God,” [Mk 11:22].  

We must be ready to pray with faith in God.  Otherwise, why pray?  We don’t want to be anemic in prayer.  We are anemic in prayer when we doubt in our heart, Mk 11:23.  But when we realize all that God can do in response to prayer, we should be ready for someone to ask us to pray, knowing that God will answer.

Ready to give – 1 Tim 6:18 – those who are rich should be “ready to distribute.”  2 Cor 8:19, the Corinthians had a ready mind. 2 Cor 9:2, Achaia was ready a year ago.  We should be looking for opportunities to give.  The tithe is something we pay every time we receive income.  We give to missions every week, two weeks or month.  These things should be done systematically and regularly.  But we should also be ready to give to a person in need.  If you are ready to give, the Lord will certainly make it plain who he would have you to help and in what way.  Prov 19:17 shows you that when you give to the poor the Lord will repay you.  God uses men to give to men [Lk 6:38].  We should wake up in the morning ready to be used of the Lord to give to someone in need.

Ready to work – Titus 3:1 – we are to be “ready to every good work.”  We are a peculiar people, zealous of good works [Titus 2:14].  We should be always ready to offer a helping hand.  It could be a visit, a meal, help with a project, help with a repair, or a need.  If you are ready to work, then the opportunity to help won’t be an inconvenience because you are ready to help.  As a matter of fact, if the opportunity doesn’t present itself, then you might be disappointed.  Man, I was ready to help and nobody needed help today.

Conclusion: these opportunities present themselves at a time when we must be ready to do something about them right when the need arises.  So, be ready to pray, to give and to work.