Rahab’s Faith, Heb 11:31

This sermon is about Rahab’s faith mentioned in Heb 11:31 and demonstrated in Jos 2.  When the spies came to Jericho they ended up in Rahab’s house.  When the king sent word for her to bring them forth to him, she hid them instead.  And then she sent his pursuers on a wild goose chase.  Why did she do this?  Heb 11:31 indicates that she did this because of her faith.  What is it about faith that we can learn from Rahab?  Like Rahab, we need:

Essential Faith – Jos 2:9-11.  Essential faith is inherent, basic, necessary faith.  Inherent in each of us is the faith to know God the Creator.  Rahab said “for the Lord your God, he is God in heaven above, and in earth beneath”, Jos 2:11.  See Rom 1:17-21.  

Heb 11:31 says she perished not with them that believed not.  She believed in the Lord God of heaven and earth.  The rest of Jericho didn’t.  They must have thought their success was just the people or their ark or some god that gave them the victories.  The devil tries to erode this essential faith with lies about creation.  Have you believed his lies?  God is still the only Lord God.

Emancipating Faith – Jos 2:12-13.  Emancipating faith is faith that saves. Rahab knew they were all fixing to die.  She said, “deliver our lives from death”.  

Evidently, the rest of Jericho believed that they could withstand a siege from Israel.  Sihon and Og had gone out to battle against Israel.  These guys were too scared to do that.  Their hearts did melt.  Jericho would shut the gates and trust their walls to hold out against a likely siege.  

Rahab knew better than this.  She knew “the Lord hath given you the land”.  Death was inevitable and she wanted to be saved.  

She wasn’t going to trust the walls or the people or the stores in the city.  She was looking to God for mercy.  Like the inhabitants of Jericho, we are in bondage to death and there is no escape without Jesus.  Are you looking to the Lord for mercy?  You need to be saved.

Effectual Faith – Jos 2:18.  Rahab was going to bring her father, mother, sisters, and brethren to her house to be saved, Jos 2:13, if she could.  There are two things to notice about this faith.

First, she wasn’t going to keep this protection all to herself.  She was like the rich man in hell who was suddenly concerned about his five brothers, Lk 16.  Is your faith so strong that you are concerned for the lost who could be saved through your witness?

Second, her faith convinced them to seek refuge in her house.  Her faith saved her family like the faith of the four men who carried the man with the palsy to Jesus, Mk 2:1-5.  Lot’s faith couldn’t do this with his family.  Is your faith so strong that others would believe you when you tell them about Jesus?  You need to believe that others must hear the gospel from you.

Enduring Faith – Jos 2:19.  They had to stay in the house during the siege.  This would have been nerve racking, particularly when the walls started falling down.  Her house was on the wall, Jos 2:15.  

We’re reminded of Mark and Lydia Priem in Odessa, Ukraine.  They are helping with Meals on Wheels right in the middle of a war zone.  And they are ministering the gospel to the lost.  Will your faith be strong enough to get you through the coming trials?  Strengthen your faith in God before the coming times.  Nothing now is difficult compared to the way things are going to get.

Conclusion: In Jos 6:21-22, Rahab and her house were saved.  If you’re not saved today, will you trust Jesus to save you now?  Protect your essential faith and don’t let the devil’s crowd turn you away from your Creator.  And strengthen your faith to be a better witness and a more faithful and enduring servant of the Lord.