Publish the Word, Ps 68:11

Publish the Word Ps 68:11 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

It should be encouraging to us to know that the Lord gave the word.  In other words, we are not propagating a religious doctrine.  We are called to preach the word of God.  Furthermore, it should be comforting for us to know that we are not singled out to publish the word.  The company of those that publish the word is great.  To publish means to declare publicly: make generally known: DISCLOSE, CIRCULATE.  Today we are going to talk about how you can publish the word.

Tracts – Tracts are the easiest way to publish the word and they are very effective for the following reasons:

  • You can hand them to pedestrians, clerks, cashiers, waiters and waitresses.  Or you can place them on cars [if allowed].  You can distribute them at public events.  Or you can have contests among children when traveling to see who can hand out the most.  And you can distribute them in neighborhoods and in all kinds of public venues.
  • They are inexpensive to purchase.
  • You can publish the gospel to literally thousands of people in a short period of time.
  • They are printed in multiple languages so that even when you can’t speak the language you can preach the gospel.
  • They are topical so that you can preach specific messages with each one.
  • They help to open a conversation about the gospel.

New Testaments – New Testaments are more expensive than tracts but they are also much more thorough.  They not only contain the gospel but all of the words of the New Testament.  So a person can get saved and begin to grow by reading.  Many New Testaments have underlined verses dealing with salvation and they also may contain some discipleship lessons.

Witnessing – Nothing beats a personal witness.  Generally, you’ll be preaching to someone you know and you can give your testimony [which is very effective] while you are preaching so that they can see that Jesus not only saves us from an eternity in the lake of fire but he also changes our lives for the better down here.  The beauty of witnessing is that you can publish the gospel over and over to the same person until he gets saved.

Public Ministry – Going out to a public place where you can legally and publicly preach the words of God can be a very effective way to publish the words of God.  You get to preach sometimes to hundreds and even thousands of people.  You may not see any visible results but you can be sure that the word is sown abundantly.

Preaching and Teaching – There are many places to preach and teach the words of God.  Nursing homes and jails are two principal places where this work is done and the need is indeed great.

Church Membership – Faithfully attending a Local Church and taking part in a support ministry makes you part of a body of people who publish the word.  You may not personally hand out New Testaments or preach behind the pulpit, but you may support those who do by praying, by handling a related support ministry in the church, and by giving regularly.

Direct Financial Support – You can support ministries that publish the words of God in various forms like Print, Radio, Television, Internet, CD’s, DVD’s, Mp3’s and so forth.  You are giving them the wherewithal to publish the words though you are personally not involved in the distribution.  Giving to missions through your local church is probably one of the best ways to publish the words of God in this fashion.

Conclusion: These are just some of the more common ways that you can publish the word.  The question for you now is, “What are you doing to publish the word?”  And the next question, if you aren’t involved in publishing the word, is, “When are you going to start publishing the word?”