Prophecy Against the Mountains, Ezek 6:1-14

Ezek 6 is a prophecy against the mountains of Israel, which is where idols were worshipped in the high places.  This prophecy against the mountains includes prophecies about:

The destruction of the high places – Ezek 6:1-7 – Ezekiel prophesies to the mountains, hills, rivers, and valleys. The Lord said to them, “I will bring a sword upon you, and I will destroy your high places.”  God warned that he would do this in Lev 26:30.

According to this prophecy, the destruction will result in:

  • Desolate altars – like 2 Ki 23:12, 15
  • Broken images – like 2 Ki 18:4
  • Slain men – like 2 Ki 11:18
  • Dead carcasses – like 2 Ki 23:16
  • Scattered bones – like 2 Ki 23:14
  • Wasted cities – as he warned in Lev 26:31
  • Abolished works – as in Job 34:24-27

When Israel sees this prophecy fulfilled, the Lord said, “ye shall know that I am the Lord.”  That was their problem; they rejected him as their Lord and worshipped other gods, instead.

The remnant that escapes the sword – Ezek 6:8-10 – the Lord said that he will leave them a remnant that escapes the sword among the nations among which they are scattered.  As the high places are being destroyed, a remnant is scattered through the countries, taken captive by the nations, as he warned in Deut 28:41.  

They are punished because, with their whorish heart, they departed from the Lord and, with their whoring eyes, they worship their idols.  In their captivity, they will remember the Lord and they will loathe themselves for their iniquity.  

Once again the Lord reminded them that they will know, “I am the Lord.”  They will also know, when it is fulfilled, that God didn’t speak this prophecy in vain.

The pestilence, sword, and famine – Ezek 6:11-14 – the Lord instructed Ezekiel to assume the posture of a fiery preacher.  He said, “Smite with thine hand and stamp with thy foot.”  This is like a preacher pounding the pulpit and stamping his foot down on the platform.  With emphasis he declared that Israel would fall by the sword, the famine and the pestilence, as in Jer 29:16-19.  The pestilence will kill those far off; the sword will kill those that are near; and the famine will kill those who are besieged.

The Lord said, once again, “Then shall ye know that I am the Lord.”  The slain men will be by their idols, around their altars, on every high hill and mountain, and under every green tree and oak.  Wherever they offered to their idols, they will be found slain, as in 2 Ki 23:14-16.

The land will be more desolate than the wilderness toward Diblath, as prophesied in Lev 26:32-33.  In other words, it will be uninhabited and deserted.  And, once again, the Lord said, “they shall know that I am the Lord.”

Conclusion: from this prophecy we see three interesting facts in God’s relationship with Israel.  First, God will not tolerate idolatry. This is true through the entire Bible.  Second, God will not forsake Israel.  Despite turning their back on God, God does not turn his back on them.  He saves the remnant, thereby saving the nation, Rom 9:27-29, 11:25-27.  Third, God will use the pestilence, sword, and famine during the Tribulation to send affliction throughout the world until all those that remain know that God is the Lord, Is 11:9.  The best thing for us to do is found in 1 Thes 1:9-10.