Prince’s and Peoples Ordinances, Ezek 46

Ezek 45:18-46:24 cover the cleansing of the sanctuary, the reconciling of the house, the offerings for the feasts, and the prince’s and peoples ordinances.

Cleansing of the sanctuary

v.18-20 cleanse the sanctuary with a bullock in the first month on the first day.  The priest shall put the blood of the sin offering upon the posts of the house, the posts of the gate of the inner court, and the four corners of the settle of the altar.  This is also done on the seventh day to reconcile the house for those the err and for the simple.

Offerings for the feasts

v.21-24 Offering for the passover, in the first month, in the fourteenth day of the month, and for the seven days of the feast.  Unleavened bread shall be eaten.  A bullock is offered for a sin offering on the fourteenth day.  Then for the seven days of the feast seven bullocks and seven rams for a burnt offering and a kid of the goats for a sin offering.  Also a meat offering of an ephah for each bullock and ram and an hin of oil for each ephah.

v.25 Offering for the feast of tabernacles.  They offer the same burnt offerings, sin offering, and meat offerings as for the seven days of the feast following the passover.

Ezek 46

The Prince’s Worship

v.1-3 the east gate of the inner court shut six working days.  It’s only opened on the sabbath and on new moons.  The prince enters by way of the porch of this gate.  The priests prepare his burnt and peace offerings and he worships at the threshold of the gate.  Then he goes forth but the gate is not shut until the evening.  Likewise the people worship at the door of this gate.

v. 4-8 the prince’s burnt offering for the sabbath is six lambs and a ram without blemish, a meat offering of an ephah for the ram, and as he shall be able to give for the lambs, and an hin of oil to an ephah.  On the new moons he offers the same and adds a young bullock and an ephah for the bullock.  The prince enters and exits by the porch of the east gate.  He goes out the way he came in.

The Peoples Ordinances for Worship in the Solemnities

v.9-11 In the solemn feasts, the people who enter by the north exit by the south. Those who enter by the south exit by the north.  They pass through; they don’t go out the way they come in.  The prince goes in and out when they do.  The meat offering for them is the same as it is for the prince.

Voluntary and continual burnt offerings

v.12 the prince may make a voluntary burnt offering or peace offerings at any time, which shall be prepared the same way he does on the sabbath.  The gate will be opened for him and shut when he is finished.

v.13-15 the continual burnt offering every morning is a lamb of the first year without blemish with a meat offering of the sixth part of an ephah and a third part of a hin.

The Prince’s Gifts and Inheritance.

v.16-18 the prince may give gifts to his sons out of his own possessions and not out of the peoples’.  These are their inheritance.  If he gives a gift to one of his servants, it shall return to the prince’s possessions in the year of liberty, Lev 25:10, the year of jubilee.

The boiling places of the offerings

v.19-20 the priests boil the trespass offering and sin offering and bake the meat offering in their holy chambers in the north west corner of the inner court.

v.21-24 in the four corners of the outer court are courts forty cubits long and thirty cubits broad with rows of buildings round about where the ministers of the house boil the sacrifice of the people. This is another of the peoples ordinances.

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