Pride an evil of the heart.

Pride An Evil Of The Heart (Mark 7:22)

This lesson will focus on the subject of pride. Pride one of the many things that come from the heart and defile a person (Mark 7:22). One of the problems with pride is that when we think it has only one form. The truth of the matter is that pride can come in a variety of different forms.

The most common form of pride that comes to our mind is boastful pride. That is where someone declares themselves to be great or the best there is at something. The problem is that when we hear sermons on pride we tend to think of this one and say that is not me and miss the point God has for us on pride. But there are many more forms of pride.

Other examples are those who are pretending to be humble when they are really not. We call this a false humility. It is just pride in another form. We can also become prideful about the way in which we serve God. For example if we think we are the best musicians or singer we can become prideful in the talent that God has given us. Some become prideful in their witness. They love to boast about how many they have led to the Lord or how they witness when no one else will. If we are not careful anything that God allows us to do for him we can develop a prideful spirit about.

Last of all there is what I like to refer to as shameful pride. Examples of this would be being too proud to ask for help, or being too proud to say you are wrong.

How does pride deceive us?

As already shown pride is one of the things that defile the man from the inside. In Jeremiah 17:9 the word of God shows us that the heart is deceitful above all things. When we look at Obadiah 1:3 the word of God says that the pride of thine heart has deceived thee. The problem with the heart is that that it is deceitful and it uses our pride to deceive us. Think about it, have you ever know anyone that was full of pride that would tell they were? No, usually when we are full of pride we think we are fine.

What is at the center of Pride?

The center letter in pride s I. That is what pride is all about it is all about self. The problem with the heart is that it wants what it wants and it will deceive you into thinking that you right in doing whatever it takes to get it. Just think about how easy it is to justify doing something wrong to accomplish our hearts desiSatan is an excellent example of his. In Ezekiel 28:12-17 we see that he was one of the most beautiful and wise creatures that God ever created. But this same beauty lifted up his heart and corrupted his wisdom. That is the same thing that pride does to us. Our heart being lifted up will allow pride to corrupt our wisdom. People who are having trouble with pride always do stupid things. That is because there wisdom is corrupted through pride just as Satan’s was.

In Isaiah 14:12-15 we see the fall of Satan. Within that fall are the famous five I wills of Satan. What is at the center of pride, the letter I. If you are having a problem with pride it is the same problem that Satan had. If you think don’t have any problem with pride then remember even the wise creature that God created couldn’t beat pride. So you had better examine yourself again.

The Dangers of Pride:

Below is a chain reference for the dangers of pride.

Psalm 73:6 (Pride is a chain that binds people)

  • Pride is a binding chain that holds people captive and many times they do not even realize that they are captive.

Proverbs 11:2 (Pride brings shame)

  • It is ironic that the very thing that most prideful people are worried about (being shamed) is what happens to them in the end.

Proverbs 13:10 (Pride brings contention)

  • Most all arguments and fights are connected with pride somehow.

Proverbs16:18 (Pride brings destruction)

  • This is one of the most dangerous things about pride is that if left unchecked it will bring destruction.

The dangers of pride are many therefore we cannot be too careful when it comes to the subject of Pride. We must constantly guard our heart and weed out pride whatever form we find it in.


Pride An Evil Of The Heart (Mark 7:22)


1)  What does Jeremiah 17:9 and Obadiah 1:3 show us concerning the heart?



2)  What is at the center of Pride? Give an example of this.



3)  What are the dangers of pride?