Preaching Jesus, Acts 11:20

When you consider preaching Jesus Christ to others it helps to understand what preaching Jesus entails.  There’s a lot to it.  Today we are going to look at what Paul and some of his fellow preachers did when they went about preaching Jesus.  Preaching Jesus entails:

Publishing – Acts 13:49 – to publish is to make publicly known.  Paul said that he taught publicly and from house to house [Acts 20:20].  Too many Christians are closet Christians.  You have to get the word of God out and you can’t be ashamed to let others know that you are saved.  One of the easiest ways to publish the word of God is to hand out tracts, John and Romans, and New Testaments.  There are a number of good tract publishing companies that can supply you with tracts.  You can also order John and Romans and New Testaments.  We have a marked New Testament that I like to give to people I meet if they are interested.  Our church has given out thousands of them.  Thomas Vogel, the author of Growing Up In Vietnam, was saved by reading the verses of the Romans Road in a New Testament that a Marine’s wife handed him in the hangar on the way to the jet that flew him to Okinawa on his way to Vietnam.

Speaking – Acts 16:32 – to speak is to utter words.  Those preaching Jesus were known for what they said.  The concept of lifestyle evangelism is simply not sufficient to bring others to Christ.  If you are going to help others get into the kingdom of God, you need to open your mouth.  Indeed, what you say should match what you live, for your life speaks volumes about what you believe.  But folks aren’t going to know what you believe if you don’t tell them.  Don’t be afraid to open your mouth for the Lord Jesus.  Pray and ask him to help you know when to speak, what to speak, and to whom to speak.  He’ll show you.  The thing you know best is your own testimony of what the Lord did and does for you.  Don’t be afraid to tell others. 

Opening – Acts 17:3 – to open is to make known or to disclose.  The beauty of Paul’s preaching is that it was plain and right to the point.  When we preach about Jesus we need to be plain spoken.  Jesus Christ is the only way.  Nobody is good enough to get to heaven without him.  Faith alone saves.  Hell is fire.  Eternity is forever.  A person is either lost or he is saved; there’s no in between.  When he dies he is either in heaven or hell; there is no other place.  People must know the plain truth.  Open your Bible and show them the verses so they can read them.

Alleging – Acts 17:3 – to allege is to assert positively or to declare.  Paul was anything but wishy-washy.  He and his fellow preachers were bold.  We need to be bold [Eph 6:19] and certain of what we believe [Prov 22:21].  People are so used to being lied to today, that they might, initially, be taken back by your honest, succinct, and certain answers.  But sooner than later they will appreciate that you are not a politician when it comes to the truth.  I have found that when people want the truth, they want it from somebody who knows the truth and speaks with authority when conversing about the truth [Matt 7:29].

Testifying – Acts 28:23 – to testify is to make a serious declaration, to substantiate a fact; to bear witness or give evidence.  Paul’s testimony was serious and substantial like an expert witness.  As a witness in a witness stand, he was very serious and everything he said was factual.  With Paul, there was no beating around the bush.  When we speak of the Lord Jesus Christ, what we say needs to be the absolute truth and nothing but the truth.  Our salvation is real.  When answering questions from sincere inquirers into the questions of faith in Jesus Christ, listen carefully to their questions and answer them directly and knowledgeably.  Give them the facts.  Look at the results of Paul’s testimony before Agrippa [Acts 26:26-29].

Imparting – 1 Thes 2:8 – to impart is to make known or to reveal.  Imparting involves revelation.  Paul’s preaching demonstrated the power of the Spirit of God [1 Cor 2:4-5].  Through preaching, the Spirit reveals Jesus and the truth of God’s words [1 Cor 2:10].  We must be filled with the Spirit of God when we preach so that he can impart his words to those to whom we are preaching.  Like Jesus said, “Without me, ye can do nothing.”  In Jas 1:21 and 1 Pet 1:23 we see that people are born again by the the word of God and the word of God is what saves their souls.  Therefore, we must impart God’s words to them through the Holy Spirit.  It is the word of God that works in those who believe [1 Thes 2:13].

Conclusion: hopefully, by this message, you will be encouraged in preaching Jesus Christ to your family, neighbors, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances whom you meet as you go about your daily business.  Don’t be afraid to speak to them about Jesus.