Prayers Possibilities

Prayers Possibilities

Luke 18:1

If I can encourage you to pray more, and understand prayers possibilities I truly believe your life would change. I have often encouraged you to read your Bible more and that will not change, but to grow your prayer life is so very important also. Let’s look at some of prayers possibilities.

Prayer Opens Doors to the Gospel

For opportunity

  • [2Thes.3:1] Paul asked for prayer to allow the word of God to have free course in their work of the gospel. Prayer opens doors for others
  • [Col.4:3] Prayer will allow you an opportunity to do the work of the gospel

For Ability

  • [Eph.6:18-19] Prayer will allow you to have the boldness to do the work of the gospel.


Prayer Reaches All Things

  • [John 14:12-14] whatsoever, nothing is impossible with God. There are conditions that must be met to Get God to hear our prayers:
    • [1Jn.5:14-15] our prayers must be in God’s will for him to hear us
    • [Ps.66:18] We must not “regard” or accept sin in our heart, or he will not hear us.
  • [Phil. 4:6] everything – all things big and small, God wants us to bring our request to him. [James 4:2] we have not because we ask not


Prayer is Connected to Faith

  • [Matt.21:18-22] Believing – Faith
  • Faith must have a tongue by which it can speak, prayer is that tongue
  • A lack of faith will limit your prayers
    • Either God hears prayer and answers it or He doesn’t.
    • If He doesn’t, then prayer is a useless exercise.
    • If he does, it is the greatest untapped power in your life!
  • A lack of prayer will limit your faith – stunt your growth


Prayer Pleases God

  • [John 15:15-16] God has chosen you to produce fruit from your prayers
  • It increases your faith, and thereby pleases God [Heb.11:6]