Prayer When the Lord was Intreated

Judges 13:8-9 The Lord Was Intreated CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

An entreaty is an urgent prayer, an earnest petition, or a pressing solicitation.  To be entreated is to be prevailed upon by urgent solicitation or to consent to grant what is desired.  When we pray, we want to know that the Lord hears and answers our prayers.  And when we preach the gospel we want those who hear us to know that when they entreat the Lord for salvation, he will hear them and save them.  So, what are some of the ingredients of an entreaty that that let us know that the Lord will be entreated?

In the Bible, the Lord was entreated when there was:

Necessity – Jud 13:8-9, Manoah entreating to have the man of God teach them 2 Sam 21:14, David entreating to have the famine caused by Saul lifted, 2 Sam 21:1 – in the gospel there is necessity; you must be born again

Trust – Ezra 8:21-23, Ezra seeking protection from the Lord – in the gospel there is trust because you must trust the Lord to actually save you

Contrition – 2 Sam 24:25, 10, David’s contrition (remorse and sorrow for the wrong he had done) after numbering the people – in the gospel the Lord will not despise a contrite heart in repentance

Humility – 2 Chr 33:12-13, 19, Manasseh’s humility before God after recognizing the terrible sins he had done – in the gospel men humble themselves before God, repenting of their sins of pride

And in some cases – Intercession – 1 Ki 13:6, Ex 8:8-9, 28-30, – men of God praying on behalf of the person for whom the Lord must be entreated – in the gospel we pray for the lost – we have been praying for you.

Now if you will approach the Lord like this in prayer, you may find that he will be entreated – and if you are here today without Christ, come to him this way, he will be entreated and you  will be saved!  And as concerning intercession for others, many of us came to Christ after someone else had been praying for us.  Entreat for your lost friends and family; it’ll make a difference!