Pray for Others, 1 Sam 12:23

Pray for Others 1 Sam. 12:23 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

As a judge in Israel, Samuel considered the failure to pray for others in Israel a sin.  Samuel said, “God forbid that I should sin against the Lord in ceasing to pray for you…” [1 Sam 12:23].  Perhaps, it is not a sin if we don’t pray for others, but Samuel surely considered the failure to pray for others a sin in his capacity.

Likewise, ministers are to pray for others [Acts 6:4; 1 Tim 2:1-3].  We are to pray for the folks in church, for requests given to us by church members, for missionaries, for other pastors, for our neighbors, for our country, for those in authority, for the sick and infirm, and so forth.

Likewise, church members are to pray for others [1 Thes 5:17].  Obviously, those with more time will have more time to pray.  And this is the blessing of being in a church.  Some can devote themselves to pray for others more than others can.  But all those for whom we need to pray will be covered in prayer when we are all praying.

Through prayer for others:

The lost get saved – on old farmer, who had been a customer of mine at the bank, was saved in a nursing home through our ministry in that home.  His grandson had prayed for him for many years.  A lady in Robstown was saved on her front porch 50 years after her mother, who had been saved under the ministry of Billy Graham, first witnessed to her and began praying for her.  The lady said, after she received Jesus Christ, “You are an answer to my mother’s prayers.”

Wayward saints get right – two women were responsible for me getting right with the Lord.  One was my wife’s paternal grandmother and the other was our bank Cashier.  When I thanked our Cashier for praying for me, she said, “Well, somebody had to do something.”  Brother, she did excellent work on her knees and I still thank God for her to this day.

The infirm get help – they don’t always get healed but they always get help.  God gives them grace to strengthen their weakness, he gives comfort to assuage their suffering, he gives wisdom to their doctors to prescribe the proper medicines, perform the proper procedures, and recommend the right treatments, he gives supernatural healing, he gives financial provision and personal care, he gives joy, and he gives many eternal life, who would have never considered their need if it weren’t for their infirmity.

Saints get protection – many missionaries have testified of the supernatural protection they have received in direct response to the prayers of others.  A missionary in Africa, many years ago, was rescued from an attempted murder and theft by 26 tribesmen in the bush.  When recounting the story in America, while on furlough, he met the 26 men in one church who prayed for him on the precise day and at the precise hour that these would-be murders were about to kill him.  That’s a sure testimony to the value of praying for others.

Marriages get restored – many years ago, a fellow was married to a woman who started an affair with a naval pilot.  His pastor advised him to pray for her each time she stepped out on him and to remain in prayer for as long as she was gone.  One night, while interceding for her, she came home early from her rendezvous.  In grievous tears, she told her husband that her lover had been killed that night in a mid-air plane explosion.  She repented and through much work their marriage was restored.

Conclusion: with all that God does in answer to prayers for others it appears that it would be a sin against the Lord for us to not pray for others.  If you are not interceding for others, then now would be a good time for you to make a list and start praying for other people you know who need prayer.