Praise the Lord Ps. 111:1

Praise the Lord Ps. 111:1 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When we get together we are to praise the Lord in the congregation.  Many churches have turned praising the Lord into a concert.  Contrasted to that movement in modern churches, what does the Bible say about how are we to praise the Lord?  We are to praise the Lord:

With our whole heart – Ps 111:1; Ps 9:1; Ps 86:12 – it is so easy to sing hymns that you know well without putting your heart into it, at all.  We are so easily distracted and our minds are so consumed with other things.  When you come to church to praise the Lord in the congregation, out your whole heart into it.

With a song – Ps 149:1; Ps 109:30 – this is why we still have the song service as such an important part of what we do every time we meet together at church.  What hymn writers have put to words and music bears repeating in song over and over.  The Lord is praised in heaven with songs and we will praise him here with songs, as well.

With a loud voice – 2 Chr 20:19; Ps 98:4 – the mainline denominational churches lost their zeal for singing many years ago.  People don’t sing out anymore.  But when we praise the Lord we are to praise him with loud voices.  You say, “But my voice is no good.”  Listen, if you can carry a tune in the shower, you can sing out in church.  The Lord made your voice and your ear.  If you can’t sing right on pitch, the Lord doesn’t mind and neither do we.

With gladness – 2 Chr 29:30 – our hearts are uplifted when we sing with loud voices.  Think of all the wonderful things the Lord has done for you.  Sure, you may be overwhelmed right now with some problem, but don’t let that one thing overshadow all the goodness of God that has benefited you.  Praising God ought to make you glad.

With humility – 2 Chr 29:30 – we don’t praise the Lord to be seen.  We praise him so that his majesty may be seen. He is the great God; we are just his children.  As the psalmist said in Ps 115:1, “Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth’s sake.”

With a shout – Ezra 3:11 – you know, there are just sometimes when what you are singing lifts your heart so much you cannot contain the “ Amen” that’s welling up inside of you.  So, let it out.  Don’t “lose the shout.”  The Lord is coming to get us with a shout and we ought to let him know that we are looking for him with a shout!  Don’t let the world be the only ones who shout when they are glad!