Politics in the Bible, Matt 11:16-19

Politics in the Bible Matt.11:16-19 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The things you see going on in politics in America are the same as the politics in the Bible.  That’s because human nature hasn’t changed.  We see the same things now that we have always seen.  In the Bible we find:

Fickle and critical public opinion – Matt 11:16-19 they said John had a devil and that Jesus was a glutton and winebibber.  In Matt 21:8-9 and Matt 27:20-23 the multitudes were praising him and then, six days later they were calling for his crucifixion.

Constant surveillance – Lk 6:6-7 they watched him, whether he would heal on the Sabbath.  They had no concern that Jesus was their Messiah or that this poor fellow needed to be healed.

Speech entanglement – Matt 22:15; Mk 12:13; Lk 20:20 – the questions were manufactured for the express purpose of eliciting a response they could use against him.  These are called sound bites today.

Self-service and hunger for power – Jn 11:47-48 they rejected Jesus, God’s Son, because they didn’t want to lose their place and their nation.  They lost it under Titus anyway [and they knew this would happen Matt 21:37-45; 22:7].

Expedience – 2 Ki 20:17-19 Hezekiah asked Isaiah, “Is it not good if peace and truth be in my days?”  He was more concerned for himself; that things would go well in his day.  He didn’t seem to be concerned at all that what he had done was going to harm the future generations.

Coercion – Jn 12:42-43 in politics you have to go along to get along.

Character assassination [ruthless lying] – Mk 3:6, 22 They said that Jesus worked miracles through Beelzebub.  In Acts 24:5-6 Tertullus said that Paul was pestilent, a seditionist, a ring leader of the Nazarenes and that he had profaned the temple.  Everything was false.

Mockery – Matt 27:29-31.

Hypocrisy – Jn 19:12-15 they didn’t want Caesar’s rule but they professed loyalty to him in order to persuade Pilate to condemn Jesus.  Sometimes politicians profess loyalty to certain causes that they don’t really support just to get some more votes.

Fear mongering – Matt 10:28-31 politicians try to scare you.  Don’t be afraid. In the world we will have tribulation, but we are to be of good cheer [Jn 16:33].

Our duty in spite of politics is to:

Pray – 1 Tim 2:1-3 we must pray for all those in authority that we may lead a quiet and peaceful life in all godliness and honesty.

Vote [gave forth their lots] – Acts 1:24-26 in our country giving for our lot involves casting a ballot.  It is a privilege and our responsibility.

Not revile those in authority – Acts 23:4-5 we are not to speak evil of the ruler of the people.  It is too easy to repeat what we hear.

Remember that God is still in charge – Prov 21:1 – the Lord will turn the heart of those in authority when he wants to [Rom 9:17; Jer 25:9; Jn 19:10-11]; no need to fight yet Jn 18:36.

Submit to the ordinances of men – 1 Pet 2:13-23 we are to follow this admonition until Acts 4:18-20; 5:28-29.

Bring other people to Christ – Acts 1:8 we are to be witnesses to Jesus Christ so that others who don’t know him can come to Christ and go to heaven, thereby getting out of this world.