People Pleaser

People Pleaser


                Are you a people pleaser? Will you sacrifice anything to assure that people like you, or that you never offend anyone? After interacting with a person, do you question every word you said and beat yourself up over it? Do you apologize even when you are not in the wrong, but to just keep the peace?  Being friendly, hospitable, courteous, graceful, peaceful, non-confrontational are great qualities and to be desired. A people pleaser does all these with the wrong motive, the fear of men, or the need for the favor of men. Let’s look at the Bible for some direction, [1Cor.3:13] “of what sort it is”.

Fear of Men People Pleaser       Peer Pressure at any age

  • [Prov.29:25] It brings a snare
    • It is a trap that you enter every time you make a decision based on the fear of men. Base everything on the Fear of God [2Cor.7:1]


  • [1Sam.15:24] Saul lost his throne because he feared the people
    • Our country is now controlled by public opinion polls, and not by a Fear of God, [2Sam.23:3] “ruling in the fear of God” (your life, household, or family)
    • [Neh.5:15] Nehemiah did it with the correct mind and motive


  • [Acts 5:29] We ought to obey God rather than men
    • [Heb.12:4] We have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin, [1 Jn.5:3] his commandments are not grievous. But doing things according to God’s will and way may not be convenient.


Favor of Men People Pleaser     Who gets the Glory? You or God?

  • [Prov.31:30] Favour is deceitful
    • Favor with men is very deceitful, because men always have motive.


  • [John 12:42-43] Seeking the praise of men
    • People pleasers seek the praise of men, not God
    • The praise of men, if obtained, is immediate, and the praise of God may take a long time to receive. So we seek the immediate and sacrifice the eternal.


  • [Matt.23:1-12] Scribes and Pharisees
    • All fake, no truth. [Prov.3:3-4] Find favour with God and man, both!
    • Our example, Jesus Christ [Lk.2:52]
    • [Jn.8:29] do always those things that please Him