Passing Out Tracts


Gospel tracts are small publications containing the gospel.  They range in size from small leaflets to small booklets.  They are relatively inexpensive, the better ones will definitely get read, and you can carry quite a few in your pocket or purse to hand out anywhere you come in contact with people.  Passing out tracts is an excellent way to publish the gospel and sow the seed of the word of God.  You should carry a variety of tracts so that you can have one that is appropriate for each person you meet.

Here are some practical tips on passing out tracts.

Dress appropriately; you are representing Jesus Christ.  2 Cor 5:20.  You don’t have to overdo it and look like a Jehovah’s witness or a Mormon but you should be presentable.  Cargo shorts and flip flops are not the best attire for an ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ when he’s passing out tracts.

Go where the people are.  Acts 20:20; 1 Cor 9:22.  You will see people throughout your day: cashiers, wait staff, tellers and the like.  And you can easily give tracts to them.  You may also want to go where there are lots of pedestrians and pass out tracts in larger quantities.  We have given out thousands of tracts at special events.

Be bold but not aggressive.  1 Thes 2:2; Col 4:6.  We are confident that the gospel is God’s answer to fallen man’s condition.  We know that it is the real deal.  So, there is no reason to be sheepish when offering someone a tract [Rom 1:16].  But at the same time, if they don’t want to receive your offer don’t force it.  It’s their choice.

Be courteous and wise.  Matt 10:16.  Often you will have to opportunity to engage in a conversation with a person after you have given him a tract.  Be courteous and respect his time.  Be careful with his soul.  You want to leave the door open for someone else to further the work of the Holy Spirit in his life later.  Be wise and listen carefully to what he says [Matt 12:34]; you can reply directly to his heart with the right verse of scripture.

Don’t argue.  Prov 14:7; Prov 9:7.  You’re not out to start an argument and then try to win it.  You are sowing seed.  If you are dealing with someone who just wants to argue, move on.

Obey the law.  2 Tim 2:5.  Never, under any circumstances, violate laws and ordinances when passing out tracts.  For instance, malls are private property and so you don’t have the freedom to stand in the mall and pass out tracts.  You must obtain permission [which you won’t get in 99.9% of the cases].  On the other hand, proprietors probably wouldn’t trouble you if you were to hand one to a clerk or a cashier who has just helped you.

Be faithful.  Prov 13:17; 2 Tim 4:7.  You should always carry tracts with you and you should also carry a New Testament.  That way you are always ready to give the gospel to anyone you meet.  Keep it up until the Lord comes or you go home to be with the Lord.

Leave the results to God.  1 Cor 3:6.  You are not in charge of what someone does with the gospel.  The decision is his.  Once someone receives a tract, you certainly want him to read it and be saved.  But he may turn right around and throw it in the trash.  That’s between him and God.  Furthermore, you don’t want to force a prayer out of him with some clever ploy.  He needs to receive Jesus and that’s not something you can make him do.

Conclusion: Tracts are a great way to spread the gospel.  Keep them with you.  Give them out.  And be prepared to preach the gospel if a man is interested.