Benefits of Obedience

Proverbs 1:7-9

There are several benefits of obedience.  Proverbs lays out God’s curriculum for parents to instruct their children.  24 times in Proverbs the phrase “my son” is used:  23 times by a father and 1 time by a mother.  Proverbs is a pattern of education, noted in verses 1:1-6, that supercedes ABCs, mathematics, high school diploma, or college degree.  If you’re going to learn anything in life, these are the things you need to know how to teach your children which means you will have to learn them yourself.  The more our ideas of education line up with the world, the further they are away from God’s plan.  It is our responsibility as parents to emphasize what God emphasizes.

Obedience equals Growth

  • Wisdom and growth occur on God’s terms, not yours
  • Have thine own way, thou art the potter, I am the clay

Obedience equals Opportunity

  • Liberty is the result of faithfulness

Obedience equals Success

  • Joshua 1:8

Obedience is Demonstrated

  • Some of us have trouble training our kids to obey because we never learned how to obey God, consequently, we don’t know what it should look like.
  • Our children need to see us doing what’s right when its uncomfortable to do what’s right.

Obedience begins with the right attitude

  • Fear the Lord begins the education