Noah The Man For A Storm


Noah lived in a world that was caused [Gen 5:29], corrupt [Gen 6:11], and violent [Gen 6:11], like ours is today.  That’s why storms and troubles come.  You can’t fix the world spiritually or socially.  Only Jesus Can do that.  The violence you see today, Noah had back then.  And with the coming of the “violent man” things are only going to get worse.

Noah was the man for the storm that brought the flood.  We need to emulate him.  Noah was:

A Man of Faith – Heb 11:7 – He believed what God said about the flood, though men hadn’t even seen rain till then.  And he acted on what he believed and built the ark.  Be faithful and be prepared.

A Man of Righteousness – Gen 7:1 – he was also perfect and just [Gen 6:9].  These days Christians seem to be living as close to the world as they can.  You don’t want to do that.  You’ll be beating yourself up when the storm comes, blaming yourself for your sins.  Live righteously so that you can face the storm with God’s help; not his condemnation.

A Man of Grace – Gen 6:8 – Noah didn’t escape the storm or the effects of the storm.  He lost everything but his family and a few animals.  But he made it through the storm by the grace of God.  And he wasn’t worthy of God’s grace.  Notice, that his heart was plagued with evil just like the world that was destroyed [Gen 6:5; 8:21].  We can’t gloat and say that those, who got it worse than we did, had it coming.

A Man of Comfort – Gen 5:29 – Lamech said that Noah would comfort “us.”  It was amazing, during hurricane Harvey, how many texts, emails, calls and offers of help we received from friends around the world.  We were indeed comforted through the storm.  And we need to comfort others who are going through it like we were comforted.

Conclusion: you will go through storms in your life.  Go through them the way that Noah did.