Noah Was A Just Man Gen. 6-9

Noah Was A Just Man Gen-6-9 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Noah lived at a time when things in the earth were corrupt and violent [Gen 6:11].  Rather than go along with the corruption and violence, though, he walked with God as a just man.  Today we live in a world that is much like his was, corrupt and violent.  Lk 17:26-30 tells us that’s how it’s going to be before the Lord returns.  Things will be as they were in the days of Noah and in the days of Lot.  Destruction is coming.  Yet people continue on as if nothing’s going to happen.  Just like back then, they eat, they drink, they marry, they buy, they sell and they build.  Business as usual.

Tribulation is coming and you need to be prepared.  You don’t need to prepare to go through it.  You need to prepare to escape it, like Noah and Lot escaped the destruction in their days.  And once you have prepared for your escape, you need to be the kind of person that Noah was until Jesus comes.

Noah was a just man – Gen 6:9 – that’s why he could escape.  And you can be just, as well.  Hab 2:4 says that the just shall live by his faith.  Heb 11:7 says, By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house.  Noah believed God and built the ark.  You must believe God and receive Jesus Christ.  Notice that Noah was moved with fear.  Fear is a good motive for putting your faith in Jesus Christ.  Jude 23, “others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire.”

A just man is righteous [Gen 7:1].  Likewise, Lot was just and righteous [2 Pet 2:7-8].  Once you trust Jesus Christ, you are justified; you are just and you are righteous [2 Cor 5:21].  Noah didn’t keep his righteousness to himself.  He became a preacher of righteousness [2 Pet 2:5] in the same way as we, who have been justified by Christ, proclaim the gospel to those who are still lost so that they may escape the coming destruction and the eventual fires of hell.

Noah was a perfect man – Gen 6:9 – perfect doesn’t mean sinless.  It means complete, sound, flawless.  Job was a perfect man [Job 1:1].  We are to be perfect [2 Cor 13:11].  Look at Ps 18:30-32 and Ps 19:7.  The way of the Lord is perfect and when you walk in his way, you are perfect.  According to Rom 12:2, when you are not conformed to the world but are transformed by the renewing of your mind, then you may prove that perfect will of God.  Noah was perfect n his generation.

Noah was a godly man – Gen 6:9 – he walked with God.  You need to walk with God each day.  You will always be where you are supposed to be when you are walking with God.  The trouble with many Christians today is that they have no idea whether they are walking with God or not.  I believe that a person walking with God is conscious of that fact and is aware that God is with him and that he is with God.  If you are not aware that you are walking with God, perhaps you are not.

Noah was a family man – Gen 6:10 – his boys and his daughters-in-law made it on to the ark with him.  This doesn’t happen naturally as we can see with Lot’s family.  You have to devote the time to train them.  It doesn’t always work out because they make their own choices.  But it surely won’t work out if you don’t try.

Noah was a separated man – Gen 6:11 – he didn’t go along with the violence and the corruption in his day.  He walked with God and kept himself from their wicked ways.  Likewise, you and your family need to stay away from the wickedness around us and stay with godly friends and church family.

Noah was a faithful man – Gen 6:22 – by faith Noah built the ark and he did all that the Lord commanded him to do.  Can God trust you with a big task?  Are you doing what God has commanded you to do?  Or are you living your own life and living for yourself?

Conclusion: for you to be prepared for the coming trouble, you need to be saved and you need to live for the Lord like Noah did and not for the world.