The Next Step, 1 Sam 20:3

The Next Step 1 Sam 20:3 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

David said, “There is but a step between me and death.”  It’s what you do with the next step that will determine the course of action you take or the outcome of the decisions you make.  The next step is crucial.  Never mind what is way down the road. If you want things to turn out right, you had better watch your next step:

Toward Sin – your next step in response to temptation will determine whether or not you will give in to the sin – it is not a matter of going “all the way” – it is just a matter of the next step – in Prov 7:8, the young man void of understanding just went the way toward the strange woman’s house – later, when he is in serious trouble, he realizes that she has wounded many strong men [Prov 7:23, 26-28] – if he hadn’t made that first step he would have made it – in Prov 23:31 Solomon tells you the way to avoid becoming a drunk – he says not to even look at the wine – one step toward the bottle and the next thing you know you are bit [Prov 23:32] – you must flee youthful lusts – Prov 1:10, when sinners entice thee consent thou not.

Toward Salvation – it’s the next step you take in response to an invitation to receive Jesus that determines whether you will get saved – in Jn 4:28-29 the woman at the well left her water pot and went to town to tell the men that she had met the Messiah – in Matt 19:22 the rich young ruler’s next step was to walk away from the Savior still lacking what he had come to find – in Acts 26:28 King Agrippa was “almost” persuaded to be a Christian – almost but lost – he stayed where he was instead of taking that one step toward Christ.

Toward Repentance – it’s the next step you take in response to reproof that determines whether you will correct your error with Christ – in Lk 15:17-20 the prodigal decided that life at home was better than where he was and so he arose and went to his father – in Jonah 3:8-9 the King of Nineveh responded to the preaching of Jonah by repenting and causing his whole city to repent and God turned away his wrath from them – in Ex 9:27-28, 34 Pharaoh repented to Moses until the rain and hail stopped and his next step was to go right back to what he was doing before – it’s that next step that determines the outcome – you must decide “never again” and then take the first step toward acting on your decision.

Toward Surrender – it’s the next step you take in response to the call of God on your life that will determine whether you will fulfill his plan for you – in Matt 4:19-20 Jesus said to Peter and Andrew, “Follow me” and they left everything and followed him – in Lk 9:57-62 these would be disciples couldn’t get past “me first” – you will never follow as long as you are first – you must surrender in accordance with Rom 12:1-2 and then take the next step toward full surrender – you will never get to full surrender without taking the next step.

Conclusion: Every day and in every way it is always the next step that you must make correctly – that’s one of the reasons that we have a Bible [Ps 119:105] – the Bible lights your path and feet to help you make the right step in the right direction.