The Most Neglected Book on Earth III, Heb 2:1-4

The Most Neglected Book on Earth III CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO 

There is a frightful trend in this old world.  That trend concerns the most neglected book on earth.  The Bible is that book and in Heb 2:1-4 you can see the question that Paul raises about it, “How shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation?”  You cannot.

The more I read the Bible the more that I realize how practical the Bible is.  One businessman said, “If you don’t live it, you don’t believe it.”  As a practical book, it is doable, albeit very demanding.  And so men that need to follow it don’t.  They justify their reasons with unacceptable excuses.

I find that when the Bible is neglected:

Governments become larger and more intrusive – Prov 28:2 – we don’t need all these agencies to make men behave – get them back into the Bible and they will behave – the government has gotten so big and deals with so many aspects of our lives that we are overburdened with paperwork, regulation and taxation.

Governments become increasingly dishonest – Prov 29:12 – the public servants become rulers; the rulers hearken unto lies and their servants become wicked; then the whole system is corrupted from the top to the bottom with oppressive liars [Prov 23:1-3].  The end result is a nation that forgets God and winds up in hell [Ps 9:17].

Governments become more oppressive and perverse – Is 30:12 – the purpose of government is to protect its citizens and to coordinate necessary services – the further we get from the Bible, the more tyrannical and perverted the government becomes [Prov 28:16] – just look what the judiciary has done with free speech and women’s rights.

Governments become so covetous they go broke – Prov 22:16 – the government oppresses the poor while pretending to be compassionate toward them – in truth the poor are still poor and the rich are getting richer – likewise, the poor become more and more dependent on the government – when the government can no longer borrow and print money at will, the poor, as my old friend William Langley used to say, will die of starvation watching color televisions in air-conditioned government housing [Prov 28:15] – and some how, the men who put them in that condition will still be rich… for a while longer, anyway.  Notice the money given to the rich in this verse.  Does that not sound like our method of campaign finance today?

Governments become susceptible to tyrannical dictators – Rev 13:4-9 – it has always been the objective of anti-christ to rule in the place of God [2 Thes 2:3-4] – the beginning of that process is the destruction of faith in the Bible – so in 1964 when prayer and the Bible were removed from school, that began a slow process of indoctrination fomenting more dictatorial government practices and giving the devil more influence until he ultimately becomes the dictator of the world.