Neglect Not 1 Tim. 4:14

Neglect Not 1 Tim. 4: 14 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Four times in the Bible we find the simple word “neglect.”  And in the context of this word we find admonitions, if not directly, implicitly instructing us to not neglect some things.  We are to neglect not:

The established word – Matt 18:15-17 – this passage gives us a practical way to deal with problems that can involve church discipline.  However, we also find practical spiritual instructions about not neglecting the established words of God.  Christians must not neglect the words of God.  The words of God are our life [Matt 4:4], our wisdom [Prov 8], our cleansing [Jn 15:3], our direction [Ps 119:105], our hope [Ps 119:49, 74], our faith [Rom 10:17], and so forth.

The church – Matt 18:17 – again practically and spiritually speaking, there is instruction and safety in the church. Christians only hen themselves when they neglect the church.  A friend of mine told me several years ago that he and his wife were going to leave the church.  Two years later he returned to tell me what transpired during that two-year period. It is awful.  Among other things, he and his wife are divorced.  He recognizes that he should have never neglected the church.

The gift in thee – 1 Tim 4:14 – in Rom 12:3-8 and 1 Cor 12:4-10 we find spiritual gifts.  You have a gift that Christ wants to use for the benefit of his body.  That gift manifests itself in time and becomes useful to the body.  Many Christians never benefit the body because they neglect the gift.  Neglect not the gift that is in you.  Start serving the Lord and watch how he manifests his gift to you that he uses to strengthen the church.

The Great Salvation – Heb 2:3 – you can’t escape damnation if you neglect salvation. Jesus died for your sins to reconcile you to God and he is the only way that you can get to the Father [Jn 14:6].  There is no other way.  None of the other “prophets” and founders of “religions” ever rose from the dead.  Jesus did.  And, thus, he is the only one you can trust to give you the eternal life that you know is in him.