Need, Read and Heed the Bible, Is 34:16

Need, Read, Heed the Bible Is. 34:16 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

To really get something out of your Bible you must need, read and heed the Bible.

The first thing to do with your Bible is need it – Matt 4:4. People who need the Bible will come to it humbly and regularly to meet their need.  They come to it for comfort, wisdom, purity, strength, assurance, and so many other things.  If you don’t sense your daily need of the Bible you become like Asa who relied on the Lord to defeat the Ethiopians early in his reign and relied on the Syrians to defeat Israel later in his reign because he didn’t see the need to rely on God [2 Chr 14:8-15; 15:3-7; 16:1-12].  hH was like the church of the Laodiceans who became so reliant upon money they lost sight of their desperate need of God [Rev 3:17-18].

The next thing to do with your Bible is read it – Is 34:16. When you are hungry you will eat until you satisfy your hunger.  When you need the Bible, you read to satisfy your spiritual need.  You should read the Bible voraciously. And you should savor and devour its words.  When reading the Bible, you should digest the words and let them spiritually nourish you.  1 Tim 4:13 says to give attendance unto reading.  That is not casual reading; that is attentive reading.

The next thing to do with your Bible is heed it – Jas 1:22-25 – after you have read your Bible and filled your need you must heed what you have read.  Live by it; do what it says.  That’s when the blessings of the Bible will be manifest in your life.  When you heed the Bible, you will see the life changing power of the words of God.  That’s when you will see your life conformed to the life of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Bible is a powerful book. But you won’t see the evidence of its power in your life until you do what it says.