My Vocation

My Vocation


How should a Christian walk worthy of his vocation or Job. First, we must know that our true vocation or calling is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. That is your purpose on this earth. In this lesson we will identify some priorities in the ministries that you have and some Biblical attitudes toward your job.

You are a very important part of the Body of Christ

[1Cor.12:12] there are many members

[1cor.12:18] God has placed you as it pleases Him

[1Cor.12:27] Your part is special

You are a very important part of the Lord’s Work

[Eph.4:11-16] what a list of benefits

You are to work full time

[1Pet.3:15] “be ready always”


Ministry Priorities

First – to your family, [1Tim.5:8]

Second – to your church, [Gal.6:10]

Thirdly – to the lost, [2Cor.5:20]

All the above is funded by your Job! (It’s not about getting rich, Prov.23:4-5)


Your Job should be a Ministry Opportunity

You have the greatest exposure to lost folks at your job

You may be the only true witness of the Lord Jesus Christ that they will ever see

[Matt.5:14-16] a Shining Light

[2Cor.3:2-3] Your light should reflect the Bible


On the Job Biblical Attitudes

[Eph.6:5-8] Serve as if the Lord is your employer

[Titus 2:9-10] Submit to your employer’s authority

[Lev.19:11] Respect your company’s property

[2Cor.8:21] Do eight hours work for eight hours pay (maybe 9 for 8?)

[Gen.39-50] Joseph is a great example of doing your best to make the company succeed, and your boss to look good

[1Thes.4:11] [2Thes.3:10-13] Mind your own business, and don’t let others laziness affect you