The Mother of Jesus Luke 1:38

The Mother of Jesus Luke 1:35-47 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Mary the mother of Jesus gave us an excellent example of what mothers should do.  Notice that Mary:

Submitted to the Lord – Lk 1:38 – Mary willingly became the mother of Jesus in spite of the reproach of being pregnant out of wedlock.  The life of a mother is a life of submission to her husband and work for her kids.  Mary willingly submitted to the Lord and so should you.  Children in an elementary class were taught by their teacher about magnets.  Then the teacher gave them a review quiz.  To the question, “What begins with an ‘m,’ has six letters and picks us things?” half of them answered, “Mother.”  Mothers: “others” with a capital “M.”  Mary willingly accepted the lot of the mother who had to watch her own Son die innocently on the cross for us.

Magnified the Lord – Lk 1:46 – Unlike religion today, Mary didn’t magnify herself and she didn’t magnify her children.  She magnified the Lord.  Mothers magnify the Lord when others can see the hidden man of your heart.  A woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.

Rejoiced in the Lord – Lk 1:47 – The curse multiplied women’s sorrow and their sorrow in bringing forth children.  And yet there is joy in the midst of this sorrow.  You, too, can rejoice in the Lord.  You can rejoice in his faithfulness, comfort, love, provision, protection, companionship, understanding, etc.

Conclusion: And like Mary, you should believe in Jesus who is the Savior.  Mary said, “My spirit hath rejoiced in God MY Saviour.”  She recognized the need for the Lord to be her Saviour and you need to recognize your need, as well, and trust Him.