More Victory Over Sin, Rom 6:12-14

In order to have more victory over sin, you must not only do the things we discussed in the sermon this morning, but you must also:

Control your thoughts – Phil 4:8. Sin often originates in the thoughts of your heart. So deal with it at the source.

Control your eyes – Job 31:7. God said, “…mine heart walked after mine eyes”. When you feast your eyes upon something that tempts you, your heart will follow. So, remove from before your eyes that which draws your heart away in temptation.

Confess your sin – 1 Jn 1:9. Call sin what God calls it and confess it so that he can cleanse it with his blood.

Forsake your sin – Prov 28:15.  Take the option of sin off the table.

Rebuke the devil – Jude 9. If the devil is involved in the temptation, say, “The Lord rebuke thee” so that God can deal with him.

Get back up – Prov 24:16. If and when you fall, don’t stay down and don’t give up. Get back up and keep fighting.

This is how to have more victory over sin. For part one of this message listen to Walk in Victory Over Sin.