That I May Know Him Phil. 3:7-11

That I May Know Him Phil. 3:7-11 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

There is so much to know about God that even Paul said, That I may know him.  People are filled with misconceptions about God.  Today we hope to clear up some of these.  To know God you would also have to know his truth, his blessings, his provision, his joy and his life.

To know his truth you must believe his words – 1 Thes 2:13

To know his blessings you must obey his commands – Deut 28:1-2

To know his provision you must trust his promises – Is 26:3

To know his joy you must surrender to his will – Heb 12:2

To know his life you must receive his Son – Jn 1:12-13

Conclusion: To know Him you must love him – you don’t love your concept of him or your image of him, you are to love him!!