Lust Numbers 11:4-6

Lust  Numbers 11:4-6 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

According to James 1:14-15 the root of sin is lust.  So, when you are having trouble dealing with sin in your life, perhaps you need to look deeper than the sin.  Lust stirs up:

Wrong Desires – Num 11:4 – “the mixt multitude fell a lusting” – when the Jews saw what these guys were lusting for, it stirred up the same lusts in them – when you expose yourself to the world, you desire what they lust after.

Weeping Dejection – Num 11:4 – “the children of Israel also wept” – lust caused them to weep and feel dejected rather than to rejoice in their safety and in their continuous provisions from God – they envied the mixt multitude – lust makes you sad that you can’t have what you want.

Wanton Demands – Num 11:4 – “Who shall give us flesh to eat?”  The Lord did [Ps 106:14-15] – you may think the provision for the flesh comes from the devil but it may come from the Lord [compare Prov 30:8-9 where Agur knew the Lord could have given him more abundance].

Wandering Deliberations – Num 11:5 – “we remember” – the more they thought about the fish, cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic the more they wanted them – they couldn’t get them out of their minds.

Willful Distortions – Num 11:5 – “in Egypt freely” – they weren’t free in Egypt – their lives were hard with rigor – their baby boys were drowned – nevertheless lust caused them to distort the truth making the temptation worse.

Warped Discernment – Num 11:6 – “now our soul is dried away” – nothing could have been further from the truth – their soul was not lean until they ate the flesh.

Wicked Disdain – Num 11:6 – “there is ‘nothing at all’ beside this manna” – the manna was the only thing besides water that they needed – it was loaded with all that was good – like the word of God is for us – and yet they disdained it.

Conclusion: the solution for this lust is to separate from the mixt multitude – rejoice in what you have [be content] not in what you don’t have – don’t question the Lord’s provisions [learn to live within them] – when thoughts turn to the lust quit thinking about them – don’t distort the past – you are not lean in spirituality [you have it better than others in the world do] – never ever despise this Book.