Love is of God

Love is of God

1 Jn.4:7-8

True love is defined by God. So in our world today there are many myths concerning love. If we are not diligent, we will fall for the world’s definition of love. The divorce rate and alternative forms of marriage are proof positive of the error of the world’s love.

 Here are some myths about love:

True love is natural

If love was natural, you would not be commanded to do it. [Eph.5:25] Husbands love your wives, wow this love includes sacrifice, [Col.3:19] and be not bitter against them. [Titus 2:4] Teach the young women to … love their husbands. [1 Jn.4:21] this is the commandment we have, even the unlovely ones! [Gal.5:22-23] Love is the first mentioned of the fruit of the Spirit, this fruit is not anything that you are producing, it only comes by the Holy Spirit’s work  through you.

True love is perpetual

Perpetual means continuing forever, never ceasing, permanent, fixed. The Bible says:[Matt.24:12] … the love of many shall wax cold. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics – any system left to itself will eventually deteriorate. [Rev.2:1-5] …thou hast left thy first love, if left to itself it will eventually deteriorate. Four seasons of marriage; romance – reality – regression – rekindling

True love is emotional

To most Americans, love means “How I feel”, so many people are not in love with a person, they are in love with a feeling. Once that person stops producing those feelings, their “love” for that person stops. Emotions are fuel for the lust of the flesh, [Gal.5:16-21] Your flesh is contrary to the Spirit of God.

True love is conditional

“because of” love – I love you because you’re pretty. “if” love – I love you if you meet my needs. This kind of love is totally dependent upon the performance of others for happiness or success. Biblical love is a commitment, [Jn.3:16] Did God wait for a guaranteed number of people who would accept His Son as Saviour before He sent Christ to the world? [Rom.5:8]

True love is a finished product

My new car seemed invincible, but it wasn’t. Most everything I own would and does last longer if I simply take the time to maintain it. Even the “Eternal Flame” requires fuel, [Phil.1:9] Love either grows or shrinks, How does your love increase? In Knowledge – Learning about your mate, before marriage, and during. In Judgment – Using the Devine Judgments of the Bible to assess your courtship or marriage.