Lot’s Choice of Direction

Godly Choices    

[Acts 9:6]         In this passage God got Saul’s attention and it resulted in this response, “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?” Saul was now ready to make some Godly choices. If you tend to make choices based on anything other than the word of God, you too may meet up with the Lord in a very unpleasant way some day. Making choices with any portion of the world or your flesh influencing you will lead to ruin. You have lived your life up to this point waiting for the day when you could make your own choices. Be very careful.

[Gen.13:1-13]              Lot’s choice of DIRECTION

Verse 11, Lot “chose him all the plain of Jordan: and Lot journeyed east:” It’s always bad direction in your Bible; we all know how it turned out. Once you head off in the wrong direction, wrong choices are easier to make. Lot made two big ones:


  • Verse 10, Lot based his choice on his sight, “And Lot lifted up his eyes…”
[2 Cor.5:7], we are to walk by faith not sight.

Don’t ever depend on your senses to make choices in your life.

[2 Kings 6:13-17] you can’t see what God is doing.

Isaac was fooled by his feelings, [Gen.27:1-29].

Sight or seeing – verse 1 “….he could not see”

Sound or hearing – The voice didn’t fool him, verse 22

Touch or feeling – Fooled by the hairy hands, verse 23

Smell – verse 27, he smelled like Esau

Taste – Rebekah fooled him with her savoury meat, verses 9-10, and 25

Isaac depended on 3 of his five senses to make a choice concerning the blessing. His wisdom was based on his senses.

Sensual wisdom is devilish and earthly [James 3:13-18].

Wisdom that is from above:

First…pure- no bitterness, envy, strife, or confusion [verses14&16]

Peaceable –results in peace, even in chastening [Heb.12:11]

Gentle – Not hard or rough

Easy to be intreated – [James 1:5] upbraideth not

Full of mercy – God always provides an out, [1Cor.10:13]

Full of good fruits – always produces good results [Rom.8:28]

Without partiality – it’s not just for you… It works for everyone

Without hypocrisy – It will never contradict God’s words



  • Verse 9, Lot chose according to a man’s suggestion with no regard to God. Abram had God all over his portion [Gen.13:14-18]

Seek Godly counsel

[Prov.11:14] for safety

[Prov.12:15] for wisdom

[Prov.15:22] for correct direction

[Prov.19:21] for success

Seek Two or Three Witnesses

[Matt.18:16] Jesus said

[2Cor.13:1] Paul said

[1Tim.5:19] no mistakes

[Heb.10:28] no mistakes

You must go to God

[Eph.2:18] you have access

[Heb.4:16] you have help