The Lord’s Side, Ex 32:26

The Lord’s Side Ex. 32: 26 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When the children of Israel sinned against the Lord in Ex 32, “Moses stood in the gate of the camp, and said, Who is on the Lord’s side? Let him come unto me.  And all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together unto him,” [Ex 32:26].  Coming over to the Lord’s side involved slaying their relatives, companions and neighbors who had sinned [Ex 32:27-28].  They had to stand against those who had sinned in that idolatry.  Three thousand men died that day.  That had to be tough, but they did it for the Lord.

Are You On The Lord’s Side?

Do you realize that we are coming back as the Lord’s army in Rev 19:14.  We are going to fight this time [Jn 18:36] as the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of the Lord [Rev 11:15].  All saved people will be the Lord’s SWAT team [Joel 2:3-11].  We will be among the ten thousands of his saints who will execute judgment on the ungodly [Jude 14-15].

Do your friends know that you are on the Lord’s side?  How would your friends feel about you coming back to slay them when you haven’t even bothered to let them know that you are the Lord’s?  Have you let them know that they can be the Lord’s, too? Have you let them know what’s going to happen to them if they don’t come over to the Lord’s side, [2 Thes 1:7-8]?   Or have you been playing footsies with the enemy under the table so that those in the world think you are with them and those in the Lord think you are with them [Jas 4:4]?  You don’t want to be a traitor [2 Tim 3:4].

You Should Be One of the Lord’s Soldiers

We are to be soldiers of Jesus Christ [2 Tim 2:3-4].  Everyone knows who soldiers are.  You see them in uniform.  They willingly go to the fight.  Everyone should know that we are on the Lord’s side, that we are his soldiers.  And we should willingly go to the fight against principalities and powers [Eph 6:12] in an effort to rescue others from the coming battle.  We should gladly wear the whole armor of God and stand with him against the enemy [Eph 6:10-18]. Our friends shouldn’t be surprised if they see us wielding the sword for Jesus Christ against those who turned him down.

Conclusion: if you have not clearly taken your stand on the Lord’s side, it’s time you do it.  And tell those who aren’t on his side that they should take the offer of Jesus Christ.  How much better it is to be in the Lord’s army than in the devil’s.