Church services at Bible Believers Baptist Church are not comtemporary.  Yet, at the same time, they are not programmed and ritualistic because the Spirit of the Lord enjoys great liberty here [2 Cor 3:17].  We really enjoy congregational signing from Great Hymns of the Faith.  With over 500 hymns, we have our favorites but we are constantly learning new hymns.  We also enjoy specials from the many different groups of singers in the church.

Preaching is still the main part of our services.  When a Spirit-filled man of God with a King James Bible is prayed up and prepared to preach, you better get ready for a great work of God.  Folks under that kind of preaching get saved, draw near to the Lord, get called into the ministry, start looking for his return, and get busy for him, in the meantime, witnessing and praying.

It is a privilege to worship the Lord in congregational services where God is glorified, the Bible is magnified, saints are edified, and souls are evangelized.  We look forward to seeing you in one of our services soon!