Nursery 1

Moms and Dads, welcome to our nursery at Bible Believers Baptist Church!  Our nurturing staff of mothers and grandmothers provide a loving and safe atmosphere for your precious child allowing you to enjoy the services in church.  We want you to be comfortable and know your baby is in caring hands.  “Children are an heritage of the Lord” is a truth we live by in the 3BC Nursery.

Our pager system is your continual connection to the nursery.  If we need to alert you, your pager will simply vibrate to let you know you’re being paged.  This is a very rare occurrence because the children do just fine but it gives you the assurance that we will alert you anytime there is a need.

Our nursery is kept clean and disinfected after each Sunday and Wednesday service and it is stocked with diapers and wipes in case you hurried to church and forgot yours.  Snacks are also provided for your convenience and at your discretion.  For the sake of other moms, dads and children please do not bring sick children to the nursery.

Enjoy the services resting assured that your baby is in good hands.  “Jesus Loves the Little Children.”

Nursery Director

Brook Sowell