Bible Believers Baptist Church has several local church ministries.  They include:

Services – these are the preaching ministries of the church, as well as the song services, where the King James Bible is preached and psalms and hymns and spiritual songs are sung for the glory of God and the edification of the church.

Music Ministry – in addition to congregational singing this is the ministry where our folks are taught to sing in choirs, octets, quartets, trios, duets and solos.

Missions – we currently support over 75 missionaries with monthly support and we regularly help our missionaries with special projects and needs. We also take missions trips to foreign mission fields to help our missionaries and to give our folks a “taste” for missions.

Sunday School – these are the teaching ministries of the church where the Bible is taught to all ages from 3 years old and up.

Young Families – this is the ministry currently led by Robert and Rowena Piña.  This ministry is primarily for young married couples 40 and under.

College & Career – this ministry is for our college students and career young singles.  Bayne Horne teaches this Sunday school class and he and his wife, Marybeth, host activities for them.  Our local college students are from Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Del Mar, and Texas A&M Kingsville.

Youth Group – this ministry is led by our Youth Pastor and his wife, Tony and Shannon Seale.  This is our teen ministry.  In addition to their Sunday school and Wednesday night lessons, they have activities to encourage fellowship and soul winning.

Children’s Ministries – these are vital ministries in our church to help families as they train their children in the ways of the Lord.  These ministries meet regularly on Sunday, for Sunday school, and Wednesday, for Bible Clubs.  From time to time we have special activities for the children.

Bible Clubs – this is a great children’s ministry on Wednesday nights that involves a good balance of Bible Study and Bible activities to help children really get to know their Bibles.  We have Master Clubs for our 3-5 year olds.

Nursery – this is an extremely important ministry in our church where trained volunteer women carefully nurture infants in a safe and clean environment.