Living Fountains of Water, Rev 7:17

The great multitude in Rev 7:9, which came out of great tribulation, Rev 7:14, had hungered and thirsted and been scorched by the sun while they were on earth, Rev 7:16; 16:8-9.  But in heaven, the Lamb shall feed them, and shall lead them to living fountains of waters, Rev 7:17.  Our message today is about living fountains of water.

In the Old Testament, we see several instances where God led thirsty people to water.  For example, God showed Hagar a well of water after her water bottle was spent, Gen 21:19.  Out in the wilderness, God showed Moses a tree by which he sweetened the bitter waters of Marah so the children of Israel, who found no water, could drink, Ex 15:22-25.

Jesus Christ, himself, was the most miraculous source of living water.  In the wilderness, he was the Rock from which they drank water, 1 Cor 10:4; Ex 17:3-6; Ps 78:16.  During his earthly ministry, He was living water to thirsty souls, Jn 4:10-14.  That’s because the Lord is the fountain of living waters, Jer 17:13.

During the millennium, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb, there is a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, Rev 22:1.  These waters will issue out of Jerusalem toward the east country, and into the desert, and into the sea, Ezek 47:1-10.  “Everything shall live whither the river cometh”, Ezek 47:9.

In every “dispensation” the Lord has always led thirsty people to water.  Today, those of us who are saved should be living fountains of water.  Because of the Holy Spirit in us, out of our belly should flow rivers of living water, Jn 7:37-39.  The Lord can lead thirsty people to us so we can give them:

  • The Gospel.  The water of life, Rev 22:17.  As the bride of Christ, we should be inviting people to come take the water of life freely.
  • Godly counsel.  We should provide the deep water of godly counsel to those seeking wisdom from God, Prov 20:5; 18:4.
  • Good news.  The water of encouragement.  We should be offering the cold water of good news from a far country (heaven) to thirsty souls, Prov 25:25.

And in order to quench the thirst of thirsty souls, we must keep our living fountains of water pure.

  • Don’t trouble your fountain and corrupt your spring by falling down before the wicked, Prov 25:26.
  • Don’t make your sweet water bitter, Jas 3:10-11, by cursing and a froward mouth.

Conclusion: You should always be the living fountains of water to whom the Lord can lead thirsty souls today.