Literal Darkness, Gen 1:2

Literal Darkness Gen 1:2 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.  There was nothing there before Heb 11:3 and Jn 1:3.  In the heaven there was a body of water, apparently surrounding the earth, and the earth was standing “out of the water.” So, there was an original firmament between the outer band of water and the earth inside.  Thus, there were two heavens [2 Pet 3:5].  This initial creation was evidently illuminated by Lucifer [Is 14:12 the light bearer] who shone with brightness [Ezek 28:17].  Then catastrophe connected with his fall [Is 14:13-14] caused the water to flood the earth and the earth was then “in the water” and without form and void.  Darkness, which God created Is 45:7, was upon the “face” of the deep; that is, on the outside of the water in which the earth was submerged.

According to Job 38:8-9 this flood of water was caused when the sea broke forth.  Then the Lord made a cloud the garment of this water and THICK darkness a swaddling band for it.  It was like a birth.  The Spirit moved on the “face” of the waters, not in them.  Then God made light and divided it from the darkness [Gen 1:3-5].  So, darkness is inside of the waters and light is on the outside.  God asks Job about these things in Job 38:19-20.  The Lord named the light Day and the darkness Night.

Then the Lord put a firmament in the waters to draw them off of the earth and called it Heaven [Gen 1:6-9; Ps 104:6-7].  He called the dry land Earth and the water on the earth Seas.  So, the earth is still in the dark.  Therefore, God made lights to rule the day and the night inside of the firmament “to give light upon the earth” [Gen 1:14-19].  In other words, day and night happen on the earth; but otherwise the firmament is still in darkness [Job 38:8-9].  This universe is still separated from the light in the heaven outside of the firmament which is called Day.

So what became of Lucifer?  Lucifer became Satan and became the ruler of the darkness [Eph 6:12] and the power of darkness [Lk 22:53].  He is the god of this world [2 Cor 4:4].  His children are children of darkness and children of the night [1 Thes 5:5].  Yet he has transformed himself into an angel of light [2 Cor 11:14] to counterfeit the light of God in Jesus Christ, the light of the world [Jn 8:12].  That’s why the second day, when the firmament was created, was not called a “good” day.

The Bible, therefore, is currently THE ONLY source of true light in the entire universe [Ps 119:105, Ps 119:130] since Jesus is seated at the right hand of God.  The only other source of light in this world is a Bible- believing, Bible-living child of God who is unashamed to walk as a child of the day and not of the night [1 Thes 5:5, Eph 5:8, 11; 2 Cor 4:6-7].

If you don’t start believing your Bible, living your Bible and walking as a child of light, you have no business whatsoever complaining about the state of affairs in this old world.  This world is in darkness and under control of the devil.  You can understand why they don’t live any better.  But why you?  According to Rev 3:16 you make God sick.  He wants to spue you out of his mouth.

Wake up and start lighting up the world of sin around you and start preaching the words of God.  How else in the world are people going to change and how else is the country going to change?  You are sitting and sleeping and complaining instead of doing what God called you to do.  You are so close to the world that the darkness of the world is shining brighter than you are!!  You need to change that now and start leading others to Jesus Christ.