He lingered Gen 19:16

He lingered Gen 19:16 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Gen 19, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed.  Lot had been living there for quite some time when the angels arrived to tell him that God was going to destroy it and he needed to leave with whoever in his family would go with him.  When it came time to leave, he lingered.  And we can see from his life that there were several decisions on which he lingered.

He lingered on his separation – Gen 13:10-13; Gen 19:1 – when Lot first left Abraham, he pitched his tent toward Sodom.  By the time that the angels showed up he had moved to town, bought a house, and was found sitting in the gate [a position of prominence in the city].  You have things going on in your life right now to which you are too close and from which you need to separate.  These things will draw you in just like the wickedness of Sodom drew Lot in.  Don’t linger; separate now.

He lingered on his consecration – Gen 19:7; 2 Pet 2:6-8 – it is not enough to just separate from the things that draw you closer to sin.  You must consecrate yourself to the Lord.  Lot was a just man.  He was a righteous man.  But he would not wholly devote himself to the Lord.  He was devoted to his possessions and his cattle.  If he had been devoted to the Lord, he would have left the area before he ever moved to town.  Whatever you are doing with your life that is not wholly devoted to the Lord is going up in smoke at the Judgment Seat of Christ, just like everything Lot had spent his entire life working for went up in the smoke and ashes of Sodom.

He lingered on his proclamation – Gen 19:12-14 – he waited until the very last possible moment to warn his daughters and sons-in-law about the wrath of God that could fall on them for the wickedness of their sin.  How many family members and friends do you have that would think you are mocking them if you suddenly showed up to witness to them?  You need to have enough separation and consecration in your life and enough proclamation in your testimony so that these poor souls will trust Jesus and escape the coming wrath of the return of Jesus.

He lingered on his salvation – Gen 19:16 – he had to be rushed out of Sodom by the angels in order to escape the destruction.  He lingered knowing that he was about to lose all his wealth and much of his family in the fire.  However, he had to move in order to be saved from the destruction.  What is it that you think you will lose that is causing you to linger on the decision to trust Christ?  Quit lingering; don’t delay; trust Jesus Christ today.