Let’s Talk About It, Ps 37:30

Let’s Talk About It Ps. 37:30 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When you are dealing with anything in your life, you must be able to talk about it.  Talking to simply relieve pressure in your life is minimally beneficial and hardly constructive.  You don’t solve problems like that.  Solomon said, “the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury,” [Prov 14:23].  But talking over a matter so that it can be resolved is very beneficial and constructive.  So, I encourage you to talk about the thing in your life that weighs on your mind and heart.  Talk about it:

With God – Ps 142:1-2 – when you have a problem in your life that you are trying to sort out, the best person with whom to talk about it is the Lord.  Pour out your heart to him and listen as he guides you to the right understanding in your heart and mind.  Prov 6:20-23 shows you that the commandment will “talk with thee.”  He’ll guide you out of the situation.

With each other – Ps 37:30 – when you are having a problem with someone, pray for him and pray for wisdom.  Then, at the right time, go to him and sort it out.  Husbands and wives must talk things over.  They often don’t.  One or the other of them often refuses to converse.  This leads to nothing but frustration and unresolved problems.  Their conversation must be guided by wisdom and judgment.  Each must be honest with the other [Rom 12:17].  Friends, associates, parents and children, neighbors, and so forth must be able to converse about things of importance to keep from getting all “bottled up” emotionally.  Fear might compel you to run away from a conversation like this; so, trust God to give you boldness so you can talk about it [Prov 28:1; Ps 56:11].

With yourself – Ps 39:1-3 – it is alright to converse with yourself about things in your heart that matter to you.  Oftentimes, you can sort things out that way without ever having to go tell someone else.  There are many times when talking things over with yourself solves a problem better than any other way.  You can often come to the right solution.  Just don’t talk yourself into ignoring a problem with which you must deal.  And don’t carry on conversations with people who aren’t in the room [i.e. imaginary conversations with the people you really must see face to face].

With a counselor – Prov 20:18 – oftentimes you can’t come to the right conclusion after praying about a matter, attempting to talk to the other concerned person about a problem or by mulling it over in your mind.  Then, you must seek counsel.  And when you do, be as true and honest with the counselor as you possibly can so that he or she can properly advise you.  It is amazing how easily, at times, an objective person, not emotionally involved in the problem, can point you in the right direction and help you sort out a difficulty in your life.

Conclusion: it’s not doing you any good to “hold it in.”  Get with God, get with the other concerned individual [often your spouse or close friend] or get with a counselor and see if you can make some progress in dealing with a problem so that you don’t stay stuck where you are.