Laboring in the Harvest

Laboring in the Harvest Acts 8: 1-4 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

We’ve been praying, preparing, and preaching and now it’s time to labor.  From our text, notice some things about laboring in the harvest:

The People – “they” were the men and women from v.3 – look at the first six verses of Rom 16 and notice that of the first four people commended, three of them were women – women should not pastor, but they can surely “preach the word” in personal work and public ministry.

The Persecution – “they were scattered abroad” – they were running from the persecution – which was according to God’s plan [Acts 1:8] – when you give up some things to labor in the harvest, you’re going to see some fruit but you are also going to experience some persecution and affliction [Mk 10:29-30; 2 Thes 1:4].

The Place – “everywhere” – they didn’t exclude any place – wherever there are souls in need of Jesus, you are in a good place to preach the gospel.

The Purpose – “preaching the word” – like Paul said, “necessity is laid upon me” [1 Cor 9:6-17] – whether he did it willingly or against his will, he had a stewardship and he was going to fulfill his purpose!