Knowledge of Him

Knowledge of Him

Eph. 1:17

Do you know God? No, do you really know God? Do you have a knowledge of him? Is he your Lord and God, like Thomas [Jn.20:26-28]? Or is he just the God of your fathers, [Matt.22:32]? I fear that many of you only know the God of your parents or family and you have no knowledge of him. Jesus knew the Father, [Jn.7:28-29, 8:54-55]. How do you get the revelation of the knowledge of him?


It is Revealed through Scripture

  • There is a difference in; knowing Him and knowing who He is
  • Mary thought she knew him [Jn.20:11-17]
  • The Disciples thought the same [Lk.24:13-16]
  • He is revealed through scripture, [Lk 24:25-45]
  • [Matt.11:29] Learn of me
  • [Jn.5:39] they testify of me


It is Proven through Submission

  • [1 Jn.2:3-6] Are you doing right? Are you in good fellowship with Him?
  • If not, you may not know him, could be a liar
  • [Lk. 22:57] you could be denying him like Peter
  • Two reasons to do the commandments:
    • You Love God, [Jn.14:15] [1 Jn.5:3]
    • You Fear God, [Ecc.12:13-14]


It is Displayed through Sufferings

  • [Phil.3:9-10] the fellowship of his sufferings
  • [2 Tim.3:12] If you are living godly, then you will suffer
  • [Jn. 15:20-21, 16:1-3] persecuted
  • Folks that know who God is:
    • [Phil. 4:4-7] have the peace of God
    • [2 Cor.12:9] have the grace of God


The revelation of the knowledge of Him is revealed to you through scripture, proven through you in submission, and displayed through sufferings. Make knowing God and who he is a priority in your life.