Kings of Judah and Israel

When you read through the books of 1 and 2 Kings, you can sometimes be overwhelmed by the names of the kings and the dates of their reigns. Often, the kings have similar names, particularly around the time that Jehoshaphat and Ahab try to reunite the divided kingdoms. Furthermore, there are places where you’ll read a few chapters dealing with a king in Israel, for instance, and you’ll lose track of the king or kings in Judah reigning at the time.

So, we have prepared a chart, attached to this post, that lists the kings of Israel alongside the kings of Judah, the dates that they reigned, and the chapter and verse where you find this information in the Bible. Hopefully, you can use this chart to help you sort out who’s reigning in one kingdom when another king is reigning in the other kingdom.

You can also use this chart with the chart of the kings of Judah who reigned all the way from the split kingdom to the Babylonian captivity to sort out discrepancies that some people might try to use to refute the accuracy and inerrancy of the Bible.