Keep Thyself Pure, 1 Tim 5:22

According to 1 Tim 5:22, we are to keep ourselves pure.  How do we do this

First, you must be made pure.  To get pure, you must be saved.  According to Titus 1:15, when you’re defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure.  Even your mind and conscience are defiled.  But when you get saved, you are purified by faith [Acts 15:9].  Now the Lord has a pure heart to work with [1 Tim 1:5].  So, keep your heart pure [Prov 22:11].  Like David said in 2 Sam 22:27, “with the pure thou wilt shew thyself pure.”

You keep yourself pure by:

Pure words – the purest words in the universe are the words of God, Ps 12:6; Ps 119:140; Prov 30:5.  When you get God’s words in you, they clean you up [Jn 15:3; 17:17].  Pure words will come out of your mouth [Prov 15:26].

Pure doctrine – Job 11:4 – once you get saved, you need to start reading the words of God.  And you need to be under the good teaching and preaching of men who believe the Bible, men who teach and preach the right doctrine [Eph 4:11-15]. 

Pure wisdom – Jas 3:17 – there is a lot of wisdom to be found among professing Christians.  But much of this wisdom is earthly, sensual and devilish [Jas 3:15].  You won’t keep yourself pure with that wisdom.  You need the pure wisdom of God.  He, not the world, gives it to you.

Pure associations – 1 Tim 5:22 – Paul said, “neither be partaker of other men’s sins.”  Keep away from men and women who want to sin.  Solomon said, “Let not thine heart envy sinners: but be thou in the fear of the Lord all the day long.”

Pure thoughts – Phil 4:8 – whatsoever things are pure… think on these things.  When impure thoughts try to invade your mind, immediately stop them by the mighty weapons of God [2 Cor 10:4-5].  Keep you mind filled, instead, with pure thoughts.  

Pure conscience – 2 Tim 1:3 – that is, don’t defile your mind and conscience with bad things again.  If you’re doing anything that wounds your conscience, quit it.  

Conclusion: to keep yourself pure, get in the Bible everyday.  Get under the right preaching and teaching of the Bible.  Stay away from worldly wisdom and stick with the wisdom of God.  Keep company with people who are pure and who want to be pure.  Keep your thoughts on pure things and keep your conscience pure.