Joseph – A Study in Leadership

Genesis 41

41:14 – 24 – God’s Glory versus Your Glory

Seek opportunities for God, not you – Joseph could’ve said, “Well I can do that for you.”  Instead, he said, It is not in me: God shall give Pharaoh an answer of peace. – Psalms 75:6-7 – An opportunity for God is a chance to affect many more people than just you – Genesis 50:20 – God wants to affect as many people as He can through you, so let Him – 100% Guarantee this principle is not to be found on any “How to Climb the Corporate Ladder” list.

41:25 – 36 – Provide Vision not Management

Joseph gives Pharaoh a clear presentation of the problem – Effective communication simplifies (yea, yea & nay, nay.  Wordiness and complication engender skepticism).  Joseph gives Pharaoh a solution to the upcoming catastrophe.  Joseph begins with a man of character (discreet and wise vs 33) – Good leaders are men of character – Managers manage processes & systems, but leaders cultivate people – Be a leader, not a boss – Vision inspires direction that cannot result from policy manuals, regulations, or rules.

41:37 – 45 – Be the Leader You’re Looking For

Pharaoh tells Joseph he is discreet and wise and the spirit of God is in him – Start with a good foundation – Leaders model and create a culture like themselves – Model, Mentor, Monitor, Motivate, Multiply – Are you the leader you’re looking for? – Example is not the main thing, it’s the only thing – People don’t rise above their leadership – Take responsibility (Does this person accept responsibility or pass the buck?)

41:46 – 52 – Be Productive not Ambitious

Joseph has been in prison 13 years, now stands before Pharaoh and immediately goes to work – There is no shortage of title hungry people, but the folks that can get something done are in demand – the 20/80 principle – Fix/Close/Sell (Organizational Pruning) – CEO said 95% of decisions can be made by high school students, but its the other 5% they pay you for, and these are “people” decisions – Be productive, not calculating – Help others be productive, give opportunity.

41:53 – 57 – Labor in the Blessing don’t Rest in It

Don’t roll in the dough, but be like the ant – Gather when you can because there will come a time when you can’t – Prepare – Genesis 47:13-26 details the events during the famine and how many people are saved alive under Joseph’s leadership – Good leadership benefits the most people.