Jehovah, Gen 22:14


Jehovah is a name for God that shows up 7 times in your King James Bible.  The first time we see this name is in Gen 22:14.  Today, we are going to look at the contexts of each appearance of this name and learn from these passages the significance of God revealing himself as Jehovah.

The name Jehovah is specifically reserved for Israel and deals primarily with the salvation of Israel, God’s chosen people.  We see this name at the “sacrifice” of Isaac, which typifies the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, through the “birth” of the nation in Egypt, their deliverance from Amalek, their deliverance from the Midianites under Gideon and their ultimate victory over the nations of the world at the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The very idea that a bunch of Gentile religionists would usurp this name and apply it to themselves as Jehovah’s Witnesses is blasphemous in the least.  They believe that God is through with literal Israel and that they are God’s chosen people in the kingdom and blessings promised to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  They are thieves, stealing from Israel what is rightfully theirs, and they are usurpers claiming the name of God which was uniquely given to Israel.  The very thought of their lie angers me now as I show you what they have done.

Here are the occurrences of the name Jehovah:

Jehovahjireh – Gen 22:14 – Jehovahjireh means “the Lord will see” or “the Lord will provide.”  This is what Abraham called the place where he attempted to sacrifice Isaac.  The place of this offering was in the land of Moriah on one of the mountains [Gen 22:2].  Mount Moriah is where Solomon built the temple in Israel [2 Chr 3:1].  The mountain where Isaac was offered is undoubtedly Mount Calvary in Israel [Lk 23:33].  Thus, the name of the place is derived from what Abraham said in Gen 22:14, “in the mount of the Lord it shall be seen.”  You can see the temple mount from Mt. Calvary and vice versa.

The name of the place is also derived from what Abraham said in Gen 22:8, “God will provide himself a lamb.”  This is a specific reference to the offering of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, for sin.  Jesus Christ was manifested to Israel as the “Lamb of God,” [Jn 1:29-31] and in his earthly ministry he had only come for “the lost sheep of the house of Israel,” [Matt 15:24]. We, as Gentiles, got in on salvation because of Israel’s unbelief [Rom 11:15, 20].  But the “gifts and calling of God are without repentance,” [Rom 11:29].  God will still save Israel when Jesus returns [Rom 11:25-27].

Jehovah – Ex 6:3 – God reveals himself to Moses by the name Jehovah when he calls Moses to lead Israel out of Egypt and into the land of Canaan [Gen 6:4-8].  Notice what the Lord says, “I have also established my covenant with them, to give them the land of Canaan… I will redeem you… I will take you to me for a people, and I will be to you a God… I will bring you in unto the land… I will give it you for a heritage.”  God kept this covenant when he took them into the land the first time and he will fulfill it when he gathers them into their own land at the return of Jesus [Ezek 47-48; Is 11:11].

You might wonder how Abraham knew to call God Jehovah if God hadn’t appeared to him by that name [Ex 6:3].  The answer is that he knew it “by faith” when he “saw” Jesus’ day [Jn 8:56-58, “I am” is Jehovah (Ex 3:14)] at the offering of Isaac [Heb 11:17-19].  He understood, then, the peculiar saving relationship that God had with his seed.

Jehovahnissi – Ex 17:15 – Jehovahnissi means, “the Lord my banner.”  Moses said, “The Lord will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.”  Saul was supposed to destroy them in 1 Sam 15 and he didn’t.  Amalekites destroyed Ziklag and took all of David’s possessions and families [1 Sam 30:1].  Haman attempted to destroy every Jew in the provinces of Ahasuerus [Est 3:1].  And Amalek will be confederate with the nations of the world who attempt to destroy Israel before the second advent of Jesus [Ps 83:3-7].  And, do you know what?  The Lord will destroy Amalek in the end [Num 24:20].  The Lord will win and rule and Israel will be saved.

Jehovahshalom – Jud 6:24 – Jehovahshalom means “The Lord send peace.”  It’s the name of an altar that Gideon built to the Lord when God called him to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Midianites.  Gideon’s victory typifies the victory of the remnant of Israel over the superior forces of the world who attempt to destroy them in the Tribulation [Rom 9:27-29].  Their victory culminates in world wide peace under the rule of the Prince of Peace [Is 9:6-7].

Jehovah – Ps 83:18 – now you should see the pattern in the Bible concerning the name Jehovah.  It’s always a reference to the salvation and deliverance of Israel.  Ps 83 is no exception.  Read the entire Psalm.  I was approached by a Jehovah’s Witness one time when I was reading my Bible in public.  In arrogance, he said, “Look at Ps 83:18,” as if that applied exclusively to him and his religious cohorts.  He’s deceived.  He’s just as guilty as the nations of the world who have tried and will try to destroy literal Israel and steal their land and kingdom.  He thinks he can claim their God as his own and claim their kingdom for his JW friends.  Not without faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, on Calvary.  He will miss that kingdom and be condemned by Jehovah.  The only way in is through Jesus Christ, the way, the truth and the life [Gen 22:8; Jn 14:6].

Jehovah – Is 12:2 – read the entire chapter.  Jehovah here is a reference to “my salvation,” “in that day,” in “Zion,” when “the Holy One of Israel [is] in the midst of thee.”  This is a reference to the millennial reign of Jesus Christ, what the Jehovah’s Witnesses call “the kingdom.”  Only, they and their 144,000 will not be there.

Jehovah – Is 26:4 – notice the context speaks of “salvation,” “the righteous nation,” “everlasting strength,” “when thy judgments are in the earth.”  Clearly, this is a reference to the millennial kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Conclusion:  The name “Jehovah” is the great and glorious name by which God has made himself known to his promised seed.  It is a name of particular significance to Israel, not to those who have usurped what God has promised to Israel.  If you are saved by Jesus Christ, thank God that you have escaped the condemnation of the lost and the deception of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who have stolen God’s promises to Israel and thereby condemned themselves.  Their only hope is to come to the Lord through faith in Christ alone.